Crossed Wires 8

Crossed Wires

I’m used to kilos, so seeing a weight in pounds makes no sense to me and I definitely can’t convert that in my head! (Thank you Google).

In normal conversation we don’t really have trouble understanding each other, but when either of us is muttering there can be some interesting interpretations.

For those that don’t know, we are in Seoul for a month house-sitting (and pet-sitting) for our friends (Eat Your Kimchi) while they do a tour in North America. Which is why Hugh is sitting on a sofa and I was randomly weighing myself, because we don’t have scales (or a sofa) at home.

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Really Bad Timing 8

Bad Timing

Wonderful married life conversation there…

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One Direction 12

One Direction

Those that follow us on Facebook might have noticed a few photos of him with One Direction cardboard cut outs. There have been some around for promoting concerts and their movie and he always wants a photo with them.

I think he is a bit hypocritical. He can be negative about Kpop groups that are marketed at teenagers and easily dismisses them, but he enjoys One Direction! Not a big fan or anything, but likes some songs and we’ll sing them at noraebang (karaoke).

I think it was a One Direction money box or something.

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Pay 34


I know how to say the important things.

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Homeschool 53


This is another one of those times we realise the differences in our childhoods. I wasn’t home schooled but I knew lots of people who were for at least part of their education. So that joke is quite funny to me.

I tried to research a bit on home-schooling in South Korea but mostly got sites for foreigners. I did read it is illegal in Korea, but I’m not sure if that is true. When I ask my husband he just says something about “duty of education”.

From what I can gather foreigners are allowed to home-school their children but Korean children must attend school. Leave a comment if you know more about this.

Were you home-schooled? Do you know other people who were home-schooled? Any other jokes about being home-schooled?


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Jerk 15


Mr Gwon isn’t a really moody guy BUT he does have some strange moods sometimes. Sometimes I think he likes to pretend he is the lead male in a Korean drama. You know how they are usually jerks at first?

It’s really not romantic, trust me, it’s just annoying. I should be nice to him because he gave me one chewy mint?! I didn’t draw it in the comic because it would have been too long but he actually made me eat the half first before he gave me a full one. I know he is laughing on the inside but he does it with a really straight face.

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Aww Nice Comments 21


Cheeky! And a hypocrite because he makes fun of me responding to comments and then the next moment is like, “I have to go talk to my fans!” and goes on his Facebook Page.

When I started my blog I never thought I’d get such lovely comments and that people would enjoy my blog so much, so I really really appreciate all your comments.

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