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Easter Egg Hunt

Yul’s first Easter egg hunt!

Last Easter Yul was just a round chubby baby, but this Easter he is old enough to do an Easter egg hunt! With no other cousins yet, it was just him, but he did understand the point of it really quickly and had fun doing it.

Easter eggs aren’t sold in Korea, and Easter isn’t really celebrated (it’s acknowledged but not CELEBRATED), even by Christians, so it was good to be able to come back to Australia and celebrate it with my family. Most of my family was home and we ate lots of good food, went to church and has nice family time together.

I’d like to always come back for Easter because the weather is so nice this time of year, but when we already come back for Christmas I’m not sure if it will work out every year. Hopefully we’ll be in a position soon to celebrate Christmas and Easter in Australia but Chuseok and Seollal in Korea.

Hot Cross Buns

hot cross buns

Have you had hot cross buns before? Around Easter they are everywhere here. They are for Easter so obviously those that live somewhere that doesn’t celebrate Easter is unlikely to eat them…. but I think the also USA isn’t as big on them as much the UK and Australia is. According to Wikipedia Australia is one of the only countries to make chocolate hot cross buns ones as well as the normal ones.

My husband loves the chocolate ones. He saw them in the supermarket a month ago but I didn’t let him buy them because it was too early. He bought them yesterday and was pretty excited. The chocolate ones are nice but I think I prefer the original ones. I’ve also seen on some commercials there are sticky date ones available now, but I haven’t tried those ones yet.

We aren’t having an Easter dinner with my family this year unfortunately. Normally we all come together for the Easter weekend but my parents get back from Japan Saturday night and my husband is working over the weekend. We’ll have to do something just by ourselves on Sunday night I think… and give each other lots of chocolate eggs. Yay! Chocolate!

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