Flying with a toddler – 10 hour flight

This was actually the second time I had flown with Yul without Hugh but this time it was a little bit difficult! The first time was traumatic for me to be without Hugh (last minute change) but once I was on the plane it was okay as I had people around me help.

This time I felt very much alone as there was no one capable sitting around me to help me. I was prepared, but there are always things that can go really wrong.

As I mention in the video, they put an elderly man on the other side of me, on the aisle seat. It was difficult for him to get up and out of his seat so I felt very trapped for much of the flight. But several times I did have to get him to get up (he was very nice and I felt really bad) because I desperately had to get up and to the toilet with changing table. Watch the video to hear what happened before we even took off!

The most you can do to help with flying with a toddler is just be prepared as possible. You don’t want to over-pack, but you also want enough nappies (diapers), plastic bags, snacks and toys. The whole flight is just being alert to make sure your kid doesn’t start crying or having a tantrum meltdown.

Yul does watch the screens a little bit, so I put a kids movie on for him (the inflight entertainment), he can watch without sound happily too, but screen time only helps so much. Too much screen time with kids on planes can backfire because they can then have a tantrum when they can’t watch something or when it gets taken away from them. That’s why I don’t take an ipad for him on these flights yet.

I still have to fly back with him in a week! So I’ll be updating with more tips soon!