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Date Night

Date Night

I was just joking and knew there was no Jinju Tower… maybe one day there will be!

This is what we really did for our date night. We finally had some time off and went into Jinju for dinner and a movie. You can see a bit of it in our vlog:

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Vlog: Packing Kiwis and Jinju

Sorry there wasn’t a new comic or a video on our main YouTube channel. We are really busy at the moment. We do have a vlog from today though!

Jinju Lantern Festival

Here is our full video of the Jinju Lantern festival!

And today’s vlog:

Vlog: With Evan and Rachel

Most people that vlog about living in Korea live in Seoul or bigger cities. Evan and Rachel live not too far from us and understand how different it is to live somewhere that isn’t Seoul. We got to hang out with them in Jinju, which was really fun. Hopefully we’ll film some collaborations later on!

Korea Drama Awards

Not only is the Jinju Lantern Festival on right now but there is also a Drama Festival. The Korea Drama Awards were also held and we decided to go check it out. We didn’t expect to see anyone but we happened to see the red carpet. We filmed what we could for all you Korean drama fanatics out there. You can also see what it’s like to be in the crowd at a red carpet event like this and how many people there are.

And here is the vlog of the day on our vlogging channel.

Jinju Lanterns Vlog

On the vlogging channel:

One extra video for fun:

Moved to Korea

Now that we’ve done the big move we will hopefully be back on a normal posting schedule. Here is a quick update!

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