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Getting a Plate 5

Getting a plate

You’ve probably seen this in Korean dramas. The scene where the guy comes up behind the girl to help or get something and it means their bodies can get really close! Ohhh tension!

Not so sexy when parents-in-law are right near you.

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Mr Gwon Time: Back to Korean 9

This is a new type of video we will be doing. All in Korean! While it’s aimed at Koreans, there will be subtitles for English speakers.

Why did it take so long for Mr Gwon to do a video in all Korean? Well like he said in the video, it’s actually hard to come back to speaking Korean all the time and he often forgets words. Not only that, but Korea doesn’t really have a big YouTuber community and there aren’t that many Koreans doing videos like other countries because there can be a lot of judgement about it. My husband had to break through those fears in order to do this video. While he has become comfortable speaking English on camera…. Korean is another story.

The other announcement we have is that we have a new video schedule!

Monday: There will be a “Commenting on Comments” video where we will talk about some of your comments (and maybe open some fan mail).

Wednesday: This will be the day for “Mr Gwon Time”.

Friday: The video on Friday will always be an “Ask Video” so it could be “Ask Korean Guys”, “Ask the wives of Korean guys”, “Ask GD” or Mr Gwon and I might answer some questions.

There will be videos on other days as well but those ones won’t have a set day. So we will be making at least 3 videos a week for you guys. We also have a bonus channel where we will be putting up some random stuff very soon.

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Eyesight 4



Boys are gross! Stay away from them!

Anyway I proved to him that I could definitely see everything. I’m long sighted as well so I can see things in the distance very well. Many times I’ll be like, “Oh there is our friend.” And he will say, “Where? Where? Where?” And doesn’t see the person until they are up close. I’m pretty sure he needs his eyes checked too, but he is avoiding it. If in a year or two when I’ve forced him to do it, and he is now wearing glasses, link him back to his page so I can be like, “I told you so!”

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Stupid 10


Well at least he feels better about himself! He burnt himself because he was eating in the Korean style of just eating right out of the pot.

Our conversation can change dramatically where one minute we are being sickly sweet and lovey dovey and the next we’ll be like, “You are stupid!” “No, you are stupid!” Always just for fun though.

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Advice and Stuff 5

We asked on Facebook if you guys needed advice on stuff and we got a bunch of questions. So many that we made 3 videos answering them. Here is the first one:

When we edit we have to cut a lot out because we ramble a lot, I also added a little bit more in the description box over on YouTube.

Just a reminder that there are no new comics on the weekend but we do try to have at least one new video up.

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Cold Feet 17

Cold Feet

As I’m uploading this right now he is complaining that his feet are cold but he is not wearing socks. I told him to “go put socks on” and he just mimicked it back to me, “Put socks on!” I’m wearing socks. My feet are warm. Don’t know why he has an aversion to socks lately.

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Tell Us What To Do 3 6

Okay new video!

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My Keys 13

My Keys

This comic is up early because I’m travelling tomorrow.

He didn’t let me in for about 5 mins and just danced around while I stood there. Unfortunately he has my keys again and when we were talking on the phone earlier I asked if he was picking me up from the train station tomorrow and he said “…..maybe” and then laughed. I reminded him that he has my keys! And he just laughed again.

Remind me to never let him have my keys ever again.

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Worst Packing 21

Worst Packing

If we are travelling somewhere I will pack carefully but we are just moving three streets over! I don’t see the point of packing neatly. Those that follow us on Instagram would have seen my photo of his neat packing HERE.

I really really hate packing. My version of packing is derping around on the internet for hours until finally being forced to pack at the last minute.

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Pretty 9



Actually it reminds me of the ‘lik dis if you cry everytim’ meme, except I didn’t die after he said no.


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Romantic 12


And that’s how that moment ended.

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New Shoes 26

New Shoes

I don’t wear high heels that often but I’m starting to wear them a little bit more now. When I’m wearing flats he is slightly taller than me. It doesn’t really bother either of us if I am a bit taller than him, especially since he has found a way to solve that problem!

I did suggest that he could wear lifts in his shoes like a lot of Korean guys do, but he couldn’t be bothered.

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What Movie? 15

What Movie

Now I really wish that movie was Gangster Squid. How cool would that be?

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In a Drama 22

In a DramaThis is the music he was listening to:

He has been listening to this music a lot lately. Yesterday he told me about how when he listens to it with earphones in he feels like he is the main character in a Korean drama. He then showed me different dramas poses like in a Korean drama scene haha (which is why I drew it like that).

I told him that he is the main character in his own life at least haha. Listening to this type of piano music does make him feel better while he is working hard as it makes him think of the hard times that characters have to go through in dramas but then everything gets better in the end. It’s his motivation.

I love the emotional responses he has to things and that he is not ashamed to share it. Good communication is vital for a good relationship and even though we don’t have the same native language, he can express himself better than most native English speaking guys I’ve known.



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