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The other day I was contacted by a journalist from Yonhap news wanting to ask me some questions for an article about my blog. I had no idea that the article would be put on Naver and other Korean sites!

We woke up this morning to messages from Korean friends saying that they saw the article about us. This site got so much traffic that it crashed….twice! The response has been really positive though and although it’s been an unusual day I’m really thankful to the Korean sites that put the article on there.

Thank you so much for everyone who visited my blog today and a big thank you to Mihye Ko for interviewing me and writing the article.

Here is the article.

I will continue working hard and producing comics every day. In April we will be starting our Youtube channel and will be doing videos as well.

For those who would like to read it in English… my husband hates translating so not sure he will do it! But I have the original questions I answered in English. If people would like to read my answers.

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My Australian Wife

So when I make comics they are always from my point of view and about the funny things my husband does. For this post I’ve allowed my husband to show some things from his point of view.

He drew the characters originally for me and gave me the ideas and then I put them together for him. And yes I think that’s supposed to be muscles and a six pack on him.

australian wife 1Okay so I like chairs! Actually this is a bit of a cultural difference. He doesn’t understand the range of furniture and the fascination with it here. His parents don’t even really own chairs. I couldn’t even see a single chair in their house in Korea. So because of sitting on the floor and those small tables that can be put away, he doesn’t understand Australians’ love of furniture and renovating and picking out things like chairs for the home… So he thinks I talk about liking chairs an awful lot.

australian wife 2I always feel so bad for the fish and stuff on the ice at the fish markets! And when seafood hotpot is ordered I can’t eating anything that looks like an animal, especially the baby octopuses and prawns.

australian wife 3Yup… well can’t explain that one…

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