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Making Kimchi 10

Making Kimchi

Here is our vlog from Saturday as well. You can see some of the kimchi making. If you want to see the vlogs as they are uploaded, make sure you subscribe to the vlogging channel.

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Watching Vlogs 31

I do watch a lot of YouTubers and I do enjoy watching vlogs. That’s one of the reasons why we started a vlogging channel because I find many vlogs really interesting and thought maybe our viewers would like to see more of the every day stuff that we do.

While I know some people like the Aussie accent (though my own accent makes me cringe), Mr Gwon does have a fondness for pretty girls with cute accents so he will often come have a look if I’m watching Zoella with her British accent or CutiePieMarzia with her Italian accent. He is not so interested in someone like Flula though…


Speaking of accents, I had a really weird message the other week and I think it was from a Korean person. They informed me that I should teach my husband the difference between F and P, as well as D and TH and that my husband should speak English properly. It was really quite derogatory and completely missed the point because if you can understand Hugh/Mr Gwon – it doesn’t matter that he has a Korean accent. I like his Korean accent! He knows the difference between those sounds in English, he can pronounce them no problem, he just doesn’t always bother or feel the need to. Language is about communication and if someone can communicate fine, well nitpicking at things like that just makes it harder for people to gain confidence. Unfortunately there is an attitude among many Koreans of being extremely judgmental of someone’s English skills. Many Koreans, with a high level of English, are confident speaking English around native English speakers but freeze up if they have to speak English in front of Koreans.

Anyway, that’s my rant. I will be extremely happy if my Korean skills ever reach the level of my husband’s English skills.

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Old Photos 10

Old Photos

Looking at these older photos has really helped motivate him to get in shape again. But really, I’m pretty happy and don’t need a refund haha!

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Choice 5


A bit of alcohol usually improves his English. A little bit more… doesn’t seem to help at all. He was terribly embarrassed at the silly things he said last night. I think that “You can’t choice my life” was the best one though.

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You Could 14

You Could

Chai lattes aren’t always that easy to get in Korea. Because I don’t drink coffee and prefer chai lattes I’m always looking for which places have them. Starbucks and Ediya Coffee are two big chains that have them. Let me know if you know of any others! Since we live in the countryside I can only really get them from bigger chains that are everywhere.

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Nice Night 10

nice night (800x800)

Best thing about a nice hotel room… eating what we want while watching TV in bed. We like watching the Hip Hop audition show Show Me The Money. Because we live with Mr Gwon’s parents, we really don’t have much control over what TV we watch. We don’t have a TV in our room and we can’t just watch whatever we want. (If I never see another 막장 drama again it will still be too soon…)

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Cranky Pants 10

Cranky Pants

(For those that don’t speak English as a native language, “cranky pants” just means a person who is grumpy or irritable. It’s a funny way of saying it).

My residence cranky pants didn’t get any sleep at all because of the World Cup…

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Imagine 22


Western furniture is something I really miss while in Korea. A lot of homes have barely any furniture, especially out in the countryside. My husband’s parents have a decent sized house for Korea but there is no sofa, no dining table. There are a limited amount of chairs and there is 1 single bed in the spare room. His parents sleep on the floor and we sleep on a mattress (I miss having a real bed too).

Meals are eaten on small tables (밥상) which are put away between meals. I understand why people don’t have much furniture because the space is used in a different way and traditionally Korean houses and furniture are very different to what we are used to in western countries. Furniture is also very expensive in Korea. There is not much range and it’s often quite bulky. While we now have space for a sofa technically, it would still have to be small one. Easy and cheap to get in Australia… not so easy or cheap in Korea.

My body really misses being able to relax on a sofa and I always take the opportunity to sit on them when we visit friends who have sofas. If you watch a lot of Korean dramas and Korean commercials it looks like Koreans have lots of western furniture, and houses and apartments are well furnished but that is not an accurate representation at all! It’s slightly more realistic when they are showing very wealthy families in dramas, but commercials that are supposed to be showing an average family but the average family lives in a huge apartment with lots of furniture?! Lies!

So I’m just stuck with my imagination now. Maybe if I wish really hard and believe… one will magically appear?

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Springtime in Korean Countryside 9

These are all places that I ride my bike around regularly. Although I have discovered a lot of stuff, I never knew I could go into these historical houses. I always assumed they were private property. Now I’ve realised that I can if I want to! I usually ride around by myself but when my husband can be persuaded to join me, he does have a lot of fun too.

The old tree is said to cry the night before someone dies… which is kinda creepy! The countryside looks so pretty now, it’s such a change from how desolate it looked during winter. It’s quite nice down by the river now, but as I mentioned in the previous blog post, I’m not allowed to go swimming there.

We also managed to briefly film 2 cranes in the rice field. It’s quite cool to see a pair like that because they mate for life.

Hope you guys enjoyed that video. Let us know if there is something in particular you would like to see in the Korean countryside.

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Brat 10


And then he called me a rat for the rest of the day. My parents-in-law do spoil me rotten though.

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Inception 17


I woke up in a dream, thinking that I was back in Australia with my family and I was so happy. Then I wake up and realise that was just a dream and that I’m in Korea and things are terrible. Then I wake up really this time and realise I’m in Korea and everything is fine. This happened the other day and I had to make a comic about it.

What I think my subconscious is working through is this: I have a wonderful family and it’s hard to leave them, not only in the sense of leaving home and leaving my country, but in the sense of leaving and starting my own family. It’s a natural part of life but it can be difficult. My mind was probably questioning whether I’d made the right choices, what if what I chose was really bad? How does it compare to my life with my family? The dream gave me the scenario of that alternative reality. Then I woke up really and was a bit disorientated by these dreams. I go downstairs and find my wonderful husband (who would never act badly like that really) simply sitting on the floor exercising. He greets me with a big smile and I realise how wrong that dream was.

What the bad version of my husband said was also an indicator of some things I do find difficult in Korea. I am the only white person around here and people do come to look at me. Older people touch my white skin. Most days it’s fine but some days I really dislike having to be introduced to many people. But now everyone around here knows who I am so that situation doesn’t really happen, or it’s actually something different. For example the other day my husband called me downstairs and I had a moment of feeling, “I hope it’s not more random people who want to see me,” but actually he just wanted me to see the huge fish a neighbour had caught. (Those that follow Facebook and Instagram would have seen the photo).

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Dumb Conversations 4

Dumb conversations

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Cherry Blossoms & Canola Flowers 9

We had a big day out on the weekend! We went and saw cherry blossoms. At the place we went to there was also a festival and lots of people! Lots of couples. Then we went to another place where there is canola, which was beautiful as well. Korea is very beautiful at this time of the year.

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Stupid Army Jacket 21

Stupid Army jacket

Not only because it is dirty but it’s an outside type jacket! It doesn’t feel nice to cuddle up against.

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Behind Me 28

Behind me

There aren’t many white people here so I do get stared at a lot. It doesn’t bother me until…. it’s teenage girls walking behind me and laughing! That’s when I get paranoid. Is there something wrong with me? Do I have something on me? Are they just laughing because I’m different? Most likely it’s nothing to do with me, and they aren’t even as bad as Australian teenagers but there is still something unnerving about it. Also I don’t have the fluency in language to deal with it if something happened.

It’s so weird because of course I was once a teenage girl but the older I get the more annoying and scary teenagers get!

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