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Behind Me 27

Behind me

There aren’t many white people here so I do get stared at a lot. It doesn’t bother me until…. it’s teenage girls walking behind me and laughing! That’s when I get paranoid. Is there something wrong with me? Do I have something on me? Are they just laughing because I’m different? Most likely it’s nothing to do with me, and they aren’t even as bad as Australian teenagers but there is still something unnerving about it. Also I don’t have the fluency in language to deal with it if something happened.

It’s so weird because of course I was once a teenage girl but the older I get the more annoying and scary teenagers get!

Is this milk okay? 13

is this milk okay?

This was so funny to my parents-in-law because I had been speaking to my husband and I used informal language, but because of the timing it sounded like I had replied to my father-in-law with informal language which is really rude! They knew that I hadn’t done that on purpose but because it sounded like I had, they laughed so hard. Especially because my father-in-law had softly said, “It’s okay” and then I had yelled, “It’s not okay!!!”

It’s been the running joke in the house for a few days. Every time I walk into the room my parents-in-law say, “안괜찮아!”

At least I made them laugh!

Dramas in the Evening 41

Dramas in the evening

He doesn’t watch that many dramas. If he watches one it tends to be a more serious one, whereas I tend to watch the romantic popular ones. I do like watching dramas with him but there are only certain dramas he will watch with me and even then it takes some persuasion. We watched A Gentleman’s Dignity and Reply 1997 together and are making our way through Reply 1994. Dramas like City Hunter he gave up on because of the romance.

That’s why it’s so funny that he is getting emotionally involved in these dramas that his parents watch in the evening. They are completely cliche soap operas but he watches them every night. Last night he got into a heated argument with his father about the characters…

Many things to say 64

Mnay things to say

Today’s comic is a bit sad. I always have many things to tell my mother-in-law but it’s really hard because my Korean is so basic. I studied Korean part time for 1 year but it’s only now that I’m in Korea I’m studying hard and trying to put it into use. However, speaking casually with Korean friends and throwing in lots of English is very different from speaking with my parents-in-law where I have to be speaking at a higher politeness level, and they have no English at all. Also there is the problem of dialect. Although there are things I can say in Korean it is very hard and confidence is such an important aspect of speaking in another language. Even if technically I know how to say something, it can be hard to remember it quickly enough.

I really envy my husband’s level of English because although his English is not perfect, he can express himself really well in English. I want to be able to do that in Korean. I’m studying every day but it is very overwhelming.

My husband told his mother that I have many things to say but I can’t yet, and she said she is looking forward to when I can speak well because it will be fun.

Surprise 18


It was like Christmas! Seriously, the last time I got a new bike was a Christmas a very long time ago. I was really reluctant to go downstairs at first because my husband hadn’t told me why. Often when I’m called downstairs it’s because someone in the village wants to meet me. Sometimes it is properly meeting – there was one nice guy who wanted so speak English with me – but sometimes it feels more like they have just come to stare at the white person. Sometimes I’m in a happy mood to deal with that, other times I’m feeling a bit more introverted. I thought it was a situation like that, where someone wants to see me because they have rarely ever seen a white person and I was worried how I looked. My mood changed instantly when I saw the pink bike!

My mother-in-law felt bad for me that I’m working in our room most of the time. I really like long walks but my husband doesn’t and it’s not a good idea for me to wander off alone around here. But now I have a bike to ride around the village! The neighbours joked that I’ll run away now that I’ll have a bike because they saw me racing up and down the road on it.

Bird Love 7

Bird Love

How to annoy your husband: Ask questions that have no right answer.

Still organising our stuff here. I spent most of yesterday sleeping because we’ve had about a month of being super busy and my body just finally crashed. It’s been hard to draw comics as well because we don’t have a desk. We’ve ordered a long one where we can sit side by side and work together. It still feels like we are just on holiday though.

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