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Question Time 23


Hey guys, I’ve mentioned before that we will soon be branching out into YouTube videos and we will start filming some stuff soon. For one of our upcoming videos we will be answering your questions. So if you want to ask us something, leave your question in the comment section! Questions can be as serious or as ridiculous as you want.  🙂

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Sushi Train 17

Sushi Train

He then felt bad about being so stingy so he ordered a big bento box and plate of tempura for us. This sushi place is really good and has a really big range.

Bento box

Kingyo Sushi

Full disclosure: Our friend works here which is one of the reasons why we went, but not the reason why we are mentioning it here. We have friends who work at sushi places all across Sydney but we wouldn’t promote where they work because they aren’t necessarily that good. There are a lot of just average sushi shops in Sydney. This place is really good though. Kingyo at Westfield Shopping Centre at Bondi Junction.

And of course it’s all Koreans working there as most sushi places are owned by Koreans.

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Something to eat? 18

something to eat

We usually don’t have much in our fridge… but it’s important to always have kimchi! I’ve mentioned before how we share an apartment because rental prices are so high in Sydney and we live in an area close to the city. Unfortunately sharing has a lot of downsides and I don’t feel comfortable cooking a lot in the kitchen. Also we still live very much like students and there is a big supermarket right near us so we just buy things as we need them. That does mean that some days there isn’t much in the fridge.


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Wrist Grab 41

Wrist Grab

Yes, the Korean guy wrist grab thing again. It doesn’t just happen in Korean dramas, it happens in real life too. It does annoy me a bit so I grabbed his wrist and dragged him to show him what it’s like but he thwarted me by claiming he likes it! He may be lying…

What do you think?

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Rockpools at Night 17

Rockpools at Night

This was over Christmas when we stayed in a holiday house near the beach. Whenever we were walking on the beach my husband would ask, “Can we eat it?” for almost everything he saw. My family goes to the beach and enjoys swimming and relaxing, but my husband sees it as an opportunity to find food. His attempt at catching squid was unsuccessful because the ocean was too rough, but we did see others catch a lot a few days earlier, so maybe next time.

We had a really fun time looking in rock pools though, especially at night. The octopus freaked us out. Well, freaked me out. I have this half joking fear that giant octopuses will one day take over the world. This is why I don’t eat baby octopuses in Korean seafood hotpot because when octopuses take over the world I’m going to be like “I didn’t eat your babies! Don’t kill me!” All my friends know my theory and laugh at me. So I was a bit scared when my husband caught the octopus in the bucket. Which a bit out of character for me, I’m not scared of animals and I’m trained as a zoo keeper so I’ve handled plenty of animals. Octopus though…. they are just so smart. This octopus we caught was easily crawling out of the bucket, and when we put it back it changed it’s colour to match the rocks in the rockpool. Freaky.

My husband was sad he couldn’t eat it and we really had to force him to put it back. Even though I’ve explained that you can’t just take everything from the environment, sometimes he thinks with his stomach. We were also lucky that it wasn’t a Blue-ringed Octopus which are deadly.

Anyway, go watch some Youtube videos about octopus and see how smart they are.

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Talking 12


We really love spending time together. We have our own friends and interests but we are happiest being together. However, there are times when we are apart. He has been back to Korea a few times and I sometimes go to my home town, so there have been times where we are separated. Usually just for a week or two, but I think the longest we were apart was 5 weeks. It’s just something you learn to deal with.

When we are apart we usually only talk on the phone for short amounts of time. We don’t have huge conversations because we are used to talking face to face and it’s just not the same. My husband will stumble over English and I don’t like talking on the phone that much in general. He is even worse at chatting online so we only do it for short amounts of time. So when we are not together we usually just have short check ins with each other once or twice a day and that’s it.

It means when we are together again we have so much to talk about and it can take hours to get through everything we want to say.

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In a Drama 22

In a DramaThis is the music he was listening to:

He has been listening to this music a lot lately. Yesterday he told me about how when he listens to it with earphones in he feels like he is the main character in a Korean drama. He then showed me different dramas poses like in a Korean drama scene haha (which is why I drew it like that).

I told him that he is the main character in his own life at least haha. Listening to this type of piano music does make him feel better while he is working hard as it makes him think of the hard times that characters have to go through in dramas but then everything gets better in the end. It’s his motivation.

I love the emotional responses he has to things and that he is not ashamed to share it. Good communication is vital for a good relationship and even though we don’t have the same native language, he can express himself better than most native English speaking guys I’ve known.



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One Born Every Minute 18

One Born Every MinuteHaha ‘V’ is difficult to say! I don’t want it to seem like I’m constantly making fun of his English, but there is something so cute about substituting ‘B’ for ‘V’ and also when he uses the more scientific names for certain body parts very sincerely.

Since there aren’t a lot of words starting with V, that pronunciation issue doesn’t come up that often but he can only say the V sound if he really thinks about it an emphasizes it. Of course he is not thinking about it in that moment when he turns to look at the TV and sees a quite graphic scene of a baby being born. What is shown on Australian TV can be a lot more graphic and controversial than what is shown on Korean TV, so it surprises him sometimes.

I really like the TV show ‘One Born Every Minute’, both the U.K. and the U.S. versions. It makes giving birth seem a bit less scary.

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Carry You 11

carry youHe does actually pick me up a lot and it’s not romantic like in the dramas. It’s usually more like “Ahhh put me down! It’s hurting me! Ahhh!” That’s why I just pushed him away when he wanted to pick me up and carry me again. And I was watching the drama!

We haven’t been able to watch many dramas lately because our internet connection, for reasons outside our control, is pretty terrible right now (not fun when you are a blogger!). Tried a few DVDs but most have really bad subtitles so I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot recently. Also it’s hard finding the time to watch together. I can’t wait until we have better internet and the time to watch Korean dramas together.

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Sandcastle 4

sandcastleLuckily the children who made it had gone when he did this. I’m pretty sure if we met as children we wouldn’t be friends. I was the type of child who would sit there quietly for hours creating things and definitely would have put a lot of effort into a sandcastle. My husband was definitely a naughty little boy who would have destroyed it.

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Traditional Korean Wedding 33

I recently got some more photos from our traditional Korean wedding so I thought I’d share some.

Two weeks after we had our Australian wedding we flew to Korea for our Korean wedding. Koreans don’t really do big traditional weddings like this anymore, instead most Koreans have a more westernized wedding and may just have a small ceremony after in traditional clothes. We had a wedding company organise our wedding but unfortunately we had no idea what was going on! Also, because this type of wedding is rarely done now, even the older relatives weren’t sure what was supposed to happen!

It ended up being pretty surreal and some points I was terrified. My husband looks so different in these photos as well. They put some horrendous makeup on him and pushed his hair back under the hat. The wedding was in Jinju Castle which is open to the public, so there was a huge crowd of people watching us. The sun was so hot and I remember sitting across from my husband, not being able to move in my hanbok, and worried my makeup was running down my face. My husband looked over me and mouthed, “This is terrible.” I just nodded and tried not to faint. I hadn’t had anything to drink in hours. The wedding seemed to go forever and I had no idea what was going on, but afterwards, especially when I look at the photos I know it was worth it. I can laugh about it now and it was definitely an experience!

korean wedding1

Our friends who had to carry us.

korean wedding4

They all complained that he was too heavy.

korean wedding2

korean wedding3

korean wedding5

korean wedding6

korean wedding7

korean wedding9

korean wedding10

korean wedding11

korean wedding12

korean wedding14

Here we had to pass a jujube or a date to each other using our mouths.

korean wedding13 korean wedding15

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Say…. 24


Even though my husband understands the correct pronunciation of English words, some words will still come out in Korean English. And sometimes it’s quite funny. My siblings like to set him up so he says certain words. “Beach” and “Beaches” is one that he just can’t get right. If I get him to repeat after me, he may get it on the 5th try. For other words like “fork”, which in Korean English is “pork”, if he says it without thinking he’ll say “pork” but very easily he can change to the correct pronunciation of “fork”. “Beaches” though… it always sounds like something else.

My Korean teacher (who is Korean) often made fun of the Korean way of saying “beach” and “beaches”. He said too many Koreans who come to Australia say things like this, “I love Australian bitches!” when of course they mean “beaches”. Or they ask someone, “Excuse me, which way to the bitch?” Hehe. I know what they mean but others who are not used to the Korean accent may not.

“Sit” is another one that can be funny because they may change it to a “sh” sound, which completely changes the meaning of the word! Even my teacher who has been in Australia for years and has good English still accidentally said to a student, “Please shit anywhere.” He realised immediately after and laughed pretty hard.

Another problem Koreans learning English have, is differentiating between the F and P sound. English F (also PH) words are said with a P sound in Korean so Koreans have to practice their F sounds a lot when learning English. Sometimes they practice so much that they begin to even say English P words with an F. When saying something like “park” and changing it to “fark” it can sound pretty close to a bad word! Learning another language can be so stressful but there can be some really funny moments. I’m sure once I know more Korean I’ll be accidentally saying some bad things.

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Beach 24

beachAnd yes I apologised to the poor squid in the bucket. We have very different reactions to seeing sea creatures like this. I feel sorry for them but my husband is just licking his lips and thinking about eating them. Even with those eyes staring back!

He did try to catch a squid himself. He went with my brother and bought a squid jig at a tackle shop but when they went to try and catch one the ocean was too rough.

My parents rented a holiday cottage in a sleepy coastal village and we joined them for a few days and had Christmas there. It was my husband’s third Christmas with my family and he said it was the best one yet. Even though we were only there for a few days we did so much: swimming at the beach, fishing, canoeing on the lake, big Christmas lunch. There were even kangaroos out in the evening. It’s a myth that kangaroos jump down the street in Australia…. but sometimes, you will get kangaroos very close to houses in certain places. My husband was pretty excited to see kangaroos on the street and grazing on people’s front lawns. He also enjoys all the Christmas food and the special time with family. Christmas in Korea is not as fun or as special as it is here.

My husband did get nerf guns for Christmas… but luckily my mum made a rule that there was to be no shooting inside the cottage. So I escaped mostly. However, now that we are home in our apartment, my mum isn’t here to stop it! Currently there are nerf bullets strewn across the floor. (Also caught him having a nap at the cottage with his nerf gun in his arms.)

In a few days we are going back down to the same area to my uncle’s holiday house, so he’ll get another chance at trying to catch some squid.

What did everyone else do for Christmas? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, do you celebrate another holiday around this time of year?

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It’s Not The End 11

I asked on Facebook what I should do for this post and Mark said:

Something about the (not) end of the world.



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Radio Show 12

radio showNot sure why he thinks listening to comedy is a good thing to try and fall asleep to. He listens to something called ‘Cul2’ and it makes him laugh hysterically. But you know when you can’t hear what someone is laughing at, only the laughing, and it makes them sound like a maniac? Even worse is that he always sleeps with a cotton blanket over his head, so it’s just this weird mound laughing loudly.

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