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Feeling Romantic 8

Feeling Romantic

Luckily he dropped me on a bed and not on the floor…

Eat Your Kimchi have a new video up about couple culture in Korea if you are interested in more Korean romance stuff.

We’ve celebrated some things, like 100 days and 300 days but not many of the others, unless we happen to realise it’s that day. As Simon and Martina said it’s usually newer couples who do all that but it can also be when the girl is more demanding and pedantic about it…. which ends up being not that romantic! But that’s what I’ve witnessed as well. I’ve witnessed Korean guys who know my husband ask for advice on what to give the girlfriend, not because they want to treat their girlfriend to something nice, but because they are scared of her getting angry if the gift or evening planned isn’t good enough! So that’s not great… but a couple that is more relaxed can have a lot of fun with the dating culture in Korea.

We do not wear couple shirts because I refuse to in Australia! We do see Korean couples here in couple shirts and sometimes I’ve giggled at that. However, when we are actually living in Korea I might change my views and start wearing them…

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Pretty 9



Actually it reminds me of the ‘lik dis if you cry everytim’ meme, except I didn’t die after he said no.


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I Did It 12

I did it

Always claiming other people’s romantic gestures! One day he is going to do something big and elaborate for me and I’ll be like “As if you did this!” and not believe him.

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Wrist Grab 41

Wrist Grab

Yes, the Korean guy wrist grab thing again. It doesn’t just happen in Korean dramas, it happens in real life too. It does annoy me a bit so I grabbed his wrist and dragged him to show him what it’s like but he thwarted me by claiming he likes it! He may be lying…

What do you think?

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You are the best…. thai food 16

you are the best... thai food (1024x1024)I was almost crying because he was being lovely and romantic and then suddenly CHEAP THAI FOOD! That kinda ruined the moment haha. But he can’t help himself when he sees a good deal.

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Bossy 19


I’ve mentioned before about the way he can be ‘grabby’ in a spontaneous burst of affection way. Not all Korean guys are like this, but if you’ve watched enough Korean romantic dramas you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I used to think the female characters in Korean dramas were too easily annoyed and pissed off all the time when the male lead does something but now I can understand that reaction. It can be annoying. My husband will sometimes do it to deliberately annoy me too, but claim he is just being romantic.

I just shoved him off again because I won’t put up with the bossy romantic act. He then cackled to himself, “Haha I think I’m really funny.”

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Talking 12


We really love spending time together. We have our own friends and interests but we are happiest being together. However, there are times when we are apart. He has been back to Korea a few times and I sometimes go to my home town, so there have been times where we are separated. Usually just for a week or two, but I think the longest we were apart was 5 weeks. It’s just something you learn to deal with.

When we are apart we usually only talk on the phone for short amounts of time. We don’t have huge conversations because we are used to talking face to face and it’s just not the same. My husband will stumble over English and I don’t like talking on the phone that much in general. He is even worse at chatting online so we only do it for short amounts of time. So when we are not together we usually just have short check ins with each other once or twice a day and that’s it.

It means when we are together again we have so much to talk about and it can take hours to get through everything we want to say.

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