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Unusual Korean Seafood: Gaebul

Korea has some really interesting seafood, but this is one that usually incites giggles.

Probably our most mature video ever right?

The penis fish can also be called “the fat innkeeper worm” by those who refuse to acknowledge what it looks like. Commonly found at seafood markets in Korea, we were just walking past a restaurant in Jinju that had these at the front. Usually gaebul is seen in buckets or baskets lying flat, but some of these were hanging down and gently swaying in the water. I first posted the video on Instagram and the popularity of it there made us decide to post on YouTube too, but we made it educational! Come try gaebul in Korea! Eaten raw with salt and sesame oil. (Also we said “kinda” translates to “dog penis” because actually it’s “dog balls” which doesn’t seem as correct).

NEW VLOG: Wedding photos and Korean seafood

What I didn’t show in this vlog is the shrimp being cooked alive in front of us. That was a little bit traumatic because they jump and bang against the clear pot lid as they die… Korean seafood can be very interesting and sometimes scary. Even Hugh doesn’t like it all, though the photographer with us ate everything. Since our friends are Korean American and not that used to this type of raw seafood, we did end up cooking some of the raw fish and scallops and they were delicious. I know some people think the raw taste is better, but while I do like raw fish sometimes, I did find the taste improved for me when we cooked it. Luckily we were the only people at this restaurant in the middle of nowhere and the family that owns it were very nice and understanding.

If you are interested in the accommodation we stayed in check out this video here.

Korean Seafood

Cooking seafood

My husband has worked in Australian workplaces so knows about the laws about racism and discrimination. He knows his rights at work and when to make a complaint about something. He is not working in Australia any more but is applying those things to other areas of life now! So apparently I’m racist against octopuses because I won’t eat them but I eat prawns…

Wonji Food Videos

Two short videos on some food we ate in Korea. This is at Wonji, which is a small town near where my husband lives. But even small towns in Korea have many many restaurants.


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