Mr Gwon Recommends

Today Mr Gwon recommends two songs from Ahn Jae-wook.

He says:

This song is called Forever.

When we listen to the beginning of this song we feel like we are almost trembling. This song was from TV drama (Wish Upon a Star), Ahn Jaw-wook played a singer in the drama. This song and the character was so popular. Because we remember the scene from the drama, and he was a really cool guy – so he was a sensation at that time. I think I was a middle high school student at that time. Everyone wanted to have hair like that and styled their hair like that way. We want to be like him. The song is about loving someone forever and when we listen to the song, we can feel the sorrow. He can sing so emotionally and people can feel the emotion in the song. In the drama, he can’t get the girl but he knows he will always love her. But in the end he finally got the girl.

So even though the song was 10 years ago, when we listen to this song it reminds us of that time in our lives. It’s funny looking back now, how we wanted to be like him. We wanted to be cool like that. I want to share this song with other people because it’s one of my favourite songs.

He says:

This song is called Friend.

When we listen to this song or sing it, we are reminded about our friendships. We think about our friends and the time we spent together. When a friend has a bad or sad situation we comforted them and when we have good news, we were happy together. Every time we hang out and drink, when we go to noraebang, we always sing this song when drunk and hug each other. We think aobut how important our friendship is. Actually I lost two of my friends… they died. One in highschool and one about 4 or 5 year ago. So this song makes me remember our good memories. I even remember singing this song with one of my friends before he died. I think other people who have good friends, they might like this song, if they know the lyrics, so I want to recommend this song. I recommend songs like this because I like them, not because they were the best song ever or the top of charts, I like it so I think someone else will like this song as well.


I think it’s probably obvious what is different in the picture this time. Let me in Mr Gwon!


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