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Hugh Interviews: SJ

The time Hugh spent in Australia greatly impacted his life. He is not the only Korean guy to have a life changing experience. In this video he interviews a friend who used to be a pickup artist in Korea and talked about his outlook on life changed.

Mr Gwon Time – Working Holiday Story continued

안녕하세요. 이전에 호주 워킹홀리데이에 관한 비디오를 만들다가 거의 한달만에 다시 만들었네요. 아무래도 이야기를 끝마치는게 맞는것 같아서 다시 만들었어요. 앞으로 한개에서 두개정도 First 호주 워킹홀리데이 이야기 끝내고 다른 비디오도 만들도록 할께요.
잘봐주시고, 혹시 궁금한신거나 비디오로 보고 싶은것들 있으시면
댓글 남겨 주세요. 감사합니다^^

Ask Korean Guys – Korean Hierarchy

Han and Hugh talk about the Korean hierarchy system and what they do when in Australia, how they get out of using it sometimes, and what level of politeness they use with each other.


New Mr Gwon Time. He continues his story about his first working holiday in Australia. Click captions for English subtitles).

MGT – Working Holiday Story Part 1

It’s Mr Gwon Time. This week he talks about the first few weeks of his working holiday in Australia. Way back in 2006!

제 호주워킹홀리데 처음 3주 이야기를 만든 비디오에요! 앞으로 이야기 계속 이어서 비디오 만들 계획입니다.

질문 있으시면 댓글 남겨주세요^^

Click captions for English subtitles.

Swimming Etiquette

Swimming Etiquette

Whenever I tell other Australians this they always say, “Yes that is bad etiquette!”

It’s not fun getting out of the water, being cold, and then finding your towel is wet because it’s been used by someone else. Even if it was your husband… or maybe, especially if it was your husband! These days I usually go back and get his towel so he doesn’t use mine. He has a nice big beach towel to use – we all do – but apparently carrying it to the pool or beach is just too much effort!

Ask Korean Guys 1

Some new videos!

And some bloopers:

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