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We talk about the rubbish man comic! Just because you know how to translate something doesn’t mean it sounds good in the Korean language!

Let us know what other comics you’d like us to revisit and talk about. They don’t have to be recent ones, we can dig up some older ones. We actually don’t remember all the comics so it’s fun to go back and have a look.

I have to be honest and say that I did know it sounded bad in Korean when I first said this to Hugh (before I made the comic). But I was being a bit naughty and seeing if he would react. He did.

The original comic is here!

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This is just one of the mistakes I’ve made in Korean! It’s hard learning a second language and not knowing how words are related or not related at all. At least Hugh got a good laugh out of my dumb assumption.

Our audience can be quite fragmented. We have people who only read the comics, people who only watch our videos and some who only follow the Nicholalala webtoon. This new series is a way of showing the comics to the YouTube audience and to discuss them further as a couple.

When I posted this comic there were people who said they thought the same thing, so I felt a little less dumb! Let us know what other comics you’d like us to revisit in a video!

Original comic is here.

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When our good friend Sara (SeoulSarang) was in Korea a few months back, Hugh challenged her to guess the meanings of these new Korean slang words.

Have you heard any of them before?

Introvert Korean

Introvert Korean

Learning another language when you are an introvert can be very difficult because so much language learning involves socializing. I’m not shy at all, and I definitely love talking to people, but my mind and body needs to rest after intense socializing. Speaking in Korean makes it so much harder because my brain is doing so much more work, so after my Korean lessons – which involve mostly talking – my brain is totally fried.

I also envy those who are learning Korean in a Korean university and that’s it. The core part of their life is just language learning. For lots of other people, language learning has to be crammed into an already busy life. I speak some Korean with Hugh, but it’s easy for me to slip in English words or explain what I mean because he speaks English. My teacher doesn’t speak any English. She also tells me big stories where I have to concentrate very hard. I do enjoy my lessons, but my brain isn’t as young as it used to be…


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If you are needing language exchange partners to chat with, we do recommend this app. We don’t usually do sponsored videos, in fact this is the first time we’ve ever done one, and we only want to to talk about products or services that we really like and would recommend anyway. I hope this app helps some of you with your language learning.


Tea Please

Tea Please

Well I learned something… think I might just ask in English from now on though.



He has so little faith in me… haha.

Actually I’ve had insomnia lately so he knew I was sleep deprived and likely to dissolve into tears at anytime. But the lesson was fine! It’s all in Korean so of course it’s hard for me to understand everything the teacher is saying, but it wasn’t a traumatic experience.

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