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Cat-sitting Meemers

I have bronchitis so doing a bit less work at moment. We thought we’d upload this video instead of one that involves a lot more editing. So please enjoy this quick video of our most favourite cat in the world: Meemers! And sorry to the farm cats here… we do have cats on the farm but they aren’t as cool as Meemers.

(For those that don’t know, Meemers belongs to Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi).

New vlogs (Mountains and Meemers)

It’s been hard to vlog lately. We have just been working away inside and the weather has been terrible. We braved the cold winds to go for a walk today.

We also put a video up of Simon and Martina’s cat Meemers, for all your cat lovers.

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This is some of what we did in Seoul on the weekend!

Eat Now or Later

Eat now or later

We’ve really enjoyed looking after Meemers for Simon and Martina this week. The only cats I see in the countryside are stray ones that are scared of people. We can’t have pets there for a few reasons. Because we live on a strawberry farm we can’t have any animals inside in case any hair gets into the strawberry boxes, which are packed inside. I’m also really wary of having a pet there because animal rights are pretty much non-existent, people aren’t educated about animal welfare and the stray animals can attack and carry disease/parasites. It’s not a good environment for a pet unfortunately, which makes me sad because I love animals. So we’ve really loved being in Seoul and having a pet for a week.

Love Hurts

Love Hurts

Love is not easy…

Meemers is Simon and Martina’s cat (Eat Your Kimchi) and is famous in his own right. Whenever we stay with them Meemers comes into our room early in the morning and wakes Mr Gwon up. Only Mr Gwon! He seems to know I’ll keep sleeping but Mr Gwon always gets up and plays with him.

We were in Seoul for the weekend for the very cool You Are Here Cafe opening. It was so nice to see so many of you guys there!


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