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What to do on a Korean public holiday

We went to the Han river with a bunch of our friends. Han and Sophie and Alice have moved back to Korea! It’s awesome to be able to see them regularly. (Sophie’s blog about raising a bilingual child is here).

We also went with with Hyunwoo and his wife Mikyung and their son Joon. Also our friend Megan Bowen (on YouTube Chonunmigooksaram) came as well. We all live in a similar area in Seoul, so it’s great to be able to spend time together like this. It was a public holiday so there were so many people in the parks at the river, but it was a lot of fun. It’s so nice to see Joon and Alice playing together!


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Megan Bowen took us to Huggers, a vegan burger place, in Itaewon. The burgers were delicious. We are not vegans ourselves, but do try to cut down on meat consumption. Hugh really enjoyed his chili tofu burger, so I want to try and make it at home too.

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Seoul Life: Watermelon Noodles and Joel’s Photos

In this Seoul Life video we eat some amazing watermelon cold noodles, Hugh shows some of his work day, and we catch up with Joel, who is back in Korea briefly.

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Guessing Australian Slang with Megan Bowen

I put Megan Bowen to the test! How much Aussie slang can she guess? I tried to pick some sentences that would actually be used, rather than the old fashioned slang that slang books are filled with, but no one uses anymore.

Megan came all the way from Seoul to visit us in the countryside and we had a great time with her. So many of our Seoul friends say they will visit… but never do… hahaha. We appreciate her coming so far to see us.

We filmed some videos for her channel which will be coming later, and Hugh also tested her on Korean dialect, so that video will be up in the coming weeks.

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Picking Strawberries with Megan

Our friend Megan visited us on the farm! We filmed some videos together but this is the behind the scenes footage of some of the stuff we got up to.

Megan’s YouTube channel.

Also subscribe to the Nicholalala YouTube channel.

Videos with Megan coming on the My Korean Husband YouTube channel over the next few weeks.

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