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After Shopping

That damn money box! (As seen here).

Money Box

My husband and I have different reactions to saving money. He gets quite excited about saving money whereas I’m more like…’whatever’. For example if we save 30 cents on our groceries I will say “We only saved 30 cents” but he’ll say “Wow we saved 30 cents!” and then he will then proceed to explain to me that is we save 30 cents this amount of times we will save this amount of money blah blah blah.

He gave me this money box, well more like money teddy bear, and explained to me that if I put my extra coins in there I can save up a lot of money and then when there is enough money I can buy something nice, and isn’t that good? I was flippant about it because it was like he was explaining it to a child! I may not be the best at saving money but I know how a money box works!

Anyway he did make me laugh and was so cute about it and the money box is adorable. Here is a photo of it:

We had dinner in the city last night then he had to go to work. He gave me some coins and said “Put these in the money box when you get home”. Then when I was home he called to check I got home safely and then said, “Did you put the coins in the money box?” I replied, “No… not yet. Okay fine I’m doing it now!”

Actually you can save up a lot of money with Australian coins because our $1 and $2 are coins.

Wedding Presents

This was for our Australian wedding. After everything finished we opened our presents. Some family and friends were with us as well and everyone laughed at my husband tearing open the presents while I sat reading the cards. His excuse was that it was difficult for him to read the handwritten English in the cards and he didn’t know who they were all from. He became interested when there was money in a card though!

Of course all our money is shared but he organises it. Traditionally in Korea (and Japan) the woman manages the money but we decided it is better that my husband does the managing. I’m a creative type and not exactly good with money (and we are poor newlyweds at the moment).

We got a lot of nice presents but haven’t used them yet, even though our wedding was months ago, because we haven’t found a new place to live in Sydney yet. We have them piled up in a spare room at my parent’s house. Sometimes I like to go in and just look at them and say “Mine mine! These are all mine!” Hehe, I’ve never owned such nice things before.

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