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Terrified by Virtual Reality

Hugh and Joel try out VR in Hongdae in Seoul. It’s about 6,000 won for 20 minutes if you are looking to have the pants scared off you.

Have you tried something like this?

Hugh’s Vlog: Hongdae Night Life

We’ve mentioned before that Hugh is a social butterfly and has many friends. He recently vlogged a night out and it gives a glimpse into the dynamic Hongdae night life. This was a Monday night!

I wasn’t feeling that well so I stayed home… we have Netflix now! Anyway in this video you can see the Korean style night life of moving from place to place all night. Restaurants, bars, street food etc.


In this episode we film with other YouTubers, Hugh goes to the soccer, we go to SeoulTube, talk about if people stare at us and WHY DOES THE SIGN STILL HAVE PLASTIC ON IT? (Watch to see what I’m talking about).

Seoul Life: Week 8

In this week’s Seoul Life video we talk about our latest Kpop encounter, show some old Korean commercials, visit beautiful parks and Hugh gets a surprise present (even though it was my birthday! haha).

My Australian Wife: Screaming

My Australian Wife

Hugh has resurrected his My Australian Wife comics! He will aim to do one once a week. He designed the characters (hence his 6 pack and big muscles) and draws the comics (I just do the final line art on my tablet).

Hugh says:

This happened the other night. I just walked in the living room and hit the table with my leg. It really hurt, I was rolling around on the floor. Nichola just look at me and was worried about me and told me to scream and I couldn’t because it was too painful. So screamed she instead of me. Then I laughed. So it helped.

Sharing Cookies

Sharing Cookies

Some of the first ever comics I did on this blog were about Hugh’s obsession with cookies. I’ve talked about how most Korean homes don’t have ovens so people don’t bake at home. Discovering how good cookies (or biscuits in Aussie English) actually are was a revelation for Hugh. While we are in Australia he has been eating as many as he can. The first day we arrived in Australia he said, “So, who is going to make me cookies?” My brother made him some and I’ve been making them while we are at my parents’ house.

The morning we had to babysit our friend’s kids, I caught him in the act of hiding the cookies in our room. I still gave the twin boys a cookie each and Hugh was horrified when they tried to feed our dog their cookies, and I think one even ended up in the fish pond. A cookie that is, not a twin.

We also have a family recipe for chocolate chip cookies, which I’ve tweaked further for white chocolate chip cookies, that people seem to really like. Hugh loves them most though.

We will both be on diets when we go back to Korea next week.

Sunrise on Jirisan

Hugh vlogged hiking up Jiri Mountain to see the sunrise!

The reason why I didn’t go was because of all my health problems, my body wouldn’t handle hiking all the way up there. Hugh and his friends stayed with his friend who is a ranger on the mountain, but usually people stay in that one big cabin and sleep on the floor right next to each other. It’s quite cramped! Hiking is an activity that middle aged people love in Korea, so usually it’s all ahjummas and ahjussis hiking up mountains in Korea.

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