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Wonji Food Videos

Two short videos on some food we ate in Korea. This is at Wonji, which is a small town near where my husband lives. But even small towns in Korea have many many restaurants.


Vlog 11 – Cabin Fever

We still have some videos from Korea! Some are longer ones that need more editing but we also have silly short ones like this:

Does anyone else get the cabin fever song in their head from Muppet Treasure Island when they say ‘cabin fever’?


Mr Gwon Talks 1

Our first video of just my husband answering your questions! He is very shy about his English so please encourage him.

We are working on getting some proper lighting so we can make better videos, especially because it’s almost winter and there isn’t as much natural light during the day. So please be patient, we are aiming to improve a lot. If there is something you’d like to see in a video, let us know.

Also if you have a question for either both of us or just Mr Gwon you can leave a comment there!

Vlog 9

This is just a really quick video! We had been in Seoul and had caught the bus back. It takes about 3 hours and we have to get off at the town over and walk home from there. Even rural areas are quite busy with lots of people so this was the first time I’d seen it so dead- because it was the middle of the night.

It was really creepy walking over the bridge so we filmed a bit. The river is silent below and there is no one around. No cars or anything.

One big difference is that I was more scared of the supernatural than of people. In Australia I’d be scared of being mugged or worse, but here I wasn’t worried about being seen by the wrong type of people.

There was no way I was going to walk through the school yard! The school is typical of most Korean schools, the same type of building, and it’s just creepy at night. Also there is a statue of some historical figure there that is said to get down off his stand and walk around the grounds at night. Um no thank you.

Our Cooking Show Video

We did this last night because it was rainy and we were just staying in. I really wanted to make something with all the excess strawberries. Strawberry shortcake would have been nice but ovens aren’t used much here, and no oven in this house. So we couldn’t do any baking…

Vlog 5 Update

So we haven’t had time to upload vlogs recently because we’ve had a crazy busy schedule. Being filmed is not so bad but having to constantly be doing something interesting can be really wearing. Apparently me messing around on the internet or watching movies on my laptop doesn’t make for interesting viewing. Who knew.

It has been hard, especially because I get tired very easily. I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep in a week! Ahhhh.

Do you know how long the program is? 30 minutes. Over a week filming for 30 minutes haha. But actually it was a good experience and the program is about showing our type of relationship in a positive light, so I hope people enjoy it.

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