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Food Hard to Get

Food hard to get

Even though I know logically there are lots of food that are hard to get in Korea, especially if you live in the countryside, my brain seems to love dreaming about them. And for some reason I’m reveling in an avocado and sour cream shower… strange because I don’t always eat those foods together.

I’ve heard people say that their avocado experiences in Korea have always been disappointing so it’s one of the reasons why I don’t really try. In Australia I’d eat them almost every day, so I think chasing that past life may just make me homesick while trying to come to terms with a bad quality avocado.

However, sour cream is obtainable in Seoul so I may try to bring some of that back to the countryside.

But it seems that the longer I go without some of my favourite foods, the more ridiculous the dreams get. What ridiculous food dreams have you had?

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in South Korea. It is for commemorating and honouring those who have given their lives for their country.

Read more here.

It’s also time remember that the Korean War never officially ended. We aren’t just commemorating fallen soldiers from long ago wars, but also remembering those who have died recently while protecting their country. Soldiers are still killed in skirmishes with North Korea and in military service accidents.

Commenting on Comments and package from Brazil

Thank you Micheli!

Big Tough Guy

Big Tough Guy

(Selca is Konglish for taking a self portrait).

This happened the other night when we were at a Korean restaurant. There was a couple sitting next to us and the guy seemed to be putting on a show about his masculinity, but as soon as the girl left to go to the toilet he pulled out his phone and was taking cutesy selcas! Tough guy image destroyed. She never saw it though because he was back to his masculine self when she came back.

Tell Us What To Do 3

Okay new video!

Seoul Meet Up Video

We’ve been meaning to show some videos of the meet up in Seoul for a while but never had time to edit anything together.

Hello to everyone we met!

Making Music

Making Music

Always the optimist. He doesn’t play an instrument or anything… he just has a decent voice. Though… he could probably write better English lyrics than SM Entertainment…

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