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Watching the My Korean Husband book being printed

Seeing the book being printed!

This was one of the coolest things to see, and so satisfying. I had a vague idea of how printing worked but to actually see the ink being physically put in and then coming out beautifully on the pages really blew my mind. There is a difference between knowing the concept of something and seeing it in action.

This printing company specializes in these types of books. Other companies in the area do things like newspapers and magazines. Our publishing company chose this printing company because of their attention to detail. It’s a family owned company and the boss’s son showed us around. He was very passionate about printing.

It’s interesting how the basic principles of printing are still the same after all these centuries: ink goes onto paper. But the technology was interesting. From that desk we showed in the video there was someone adjusting the levels of ink to change how it appears. That’s what those numbers corresponded to. The designer was checking how colour appeared. I’m very glad she was there because I really don’t know anything about what looks best. There is a big difference between artists and designers in cases like this.

There are special techniques for loading paper as well. You may have noticed the guy putting the paper into the machine fluffed it up slightly before loading it. There are all these techniques that involve slight movements that people learn when working in this industry. Watching the paper going in and being printed on was very satisfying! Definitely falls in the “oddly satisfying” category. Even if it wasn’t my book, it would have still been cool to see.

We will be having a book signing on the 15th of July at the Kyobo book store at Times Square in Seoul at 3pm. We will update more soon!

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This happened this morning…. Thanks Hugh! He says he always drops his phone on his face. Unfortunately today he dropped it on my face. Actually my nose still feels a little bit sore!

Do you drop your phone on your face a lot? I know a lot of people do but I have rarely done it since I tend to lay on my side when looking at my phone. Or have you done this to a partner?

What is the worst thing you’ve accidentally done to a partner when they were trying to sleep? Most people tend to reply and answer on Facebook. So join the conversation over there!

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This is just one of the mistakes I’ve made in Korean! It’s hard learning a second language and not knowing how words are related or not related at all. At least Hugh got a good laugh out of my dumb assumption.

Our audience can be quite fragmented. We have people who only read the comics, people who only watch our videos and some who only follow the Nicholalala webtoon. This new series is a way of showing the comics to the YouTube audience and to discuss them further as a couple.

When I posted this comic there were people who said they thought the same thing, so I felt a little less dumb! Let us know what other comics you’d like us to revisit in a video!

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I actually really like tofu and it’s used so well in Korean cooking as a proper ingredient and not like a meat substitute in western cooking. Korean tofu is great too! But I just don’t get that automatic reaction of drooling at slabs of tofu on food shows that Hugh gets. I was just thinking about how I wish it was cheese. I’d be drooling if it was a big slab of cheese.

My Korean Husband Comics now on WEBTOONS

LINE WEBTOON has changed their Challenge League section and it’s now called Discover. Rather than it being a place just for people to try and be a featured artist (that’s how my Nicholalala Webtoon was selected), it is now a platform where you can showcase your work and people can subscribe. Soon people will be able to link Patreons as well, so fans can show support that way. I am uploading most of the My Korean Husband comics there and all new ones will also go there (but still also on this blog). It’s now much easier to share comics and hopefully you can rediscover old comics or see ones that you might have missed. CLICK HERE and subscribe.

My Korean Husband Comics

Comics will still always be on this blog and with longer blog posts, but for those that already use Webtoons, it will be easier to see and share over there.

So White

So White

Being in an intercultural marriage means that you are comfortable talking about race and cultural differences and cultural identity. But some days you just have conversations like this… haha.

Ask Us – Comics in advance?

We answer some questions! And the question we get asked the most…. hehe.


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