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Nicholalala Webtoon episode: How we met

New Nicholalala Webtoon episode up on Line Webtoon!

How we met


This episode is a new one that has not been on the Challenge League. If you think you know the story of how we met, THINK AGAIN!

If you like this webtoon and want me to continue, it really helps me out if you like, share, comment. You can also give me a rating if you haven’t already. You guys have kept me in the Popular Section in the top 10 of Slice of Life category, so thank you so much!

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Nicholalala Webtoon episode: Sock

It’s Tuesday! That means new episode of Nicholalala!

Sock Monster


Some of you probably saw this one on the Challenge League part of the site first. I’m trying to intersperse the older episodes with new episodes and next week will be a new new episode.

It really helps me out if you like, share or comment. You can also give me a rating here. You guys have kept me in the top 10 of the Slice of Life category which is awesome! Thank you!

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Nicholalala Webtoon: Bus

New episode of the Nicholalala webtoon is up over on Line Webtoon!

Nicholalala Webtoon Bus

Read the rest of the webtoon HERE.

If you are enjoying this new series you can help me out by liking, sharing or commenting. Also you can give me a nice rating here. I really really appreciate it! Thank you everyone!

Also, please always read the webtoon on Line Webtoon, either on the site or the app, not other sites. If my webtoon appears on any other sites it means it has been stolen and they are using my work without paying me… which sucks for me! I want to continue making webtoons and art in the future but it makes it harder when people steal my work.



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Nicholalala Webtoon: Paint

New Nicholalala episode up on Line Webtoon.



If you like these webtoons it really helps me out if you give me a rating here. You can also easily share them 🙂

(Update: we’ve been in Seoul for a few days for another project and only just got home. New videos and comics coming soon!)

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Laundry

New Nicholalala Webtoon up over on Line Webtoon.


This is also a new episode that hasn’t been shown on the Challenge League before, so it’s new for everyone! I’m often warned by my mother-in-law to get the laundry off the line before it gets dark, not only because of dew but because of some vague folklore threat of something bad happening.

(Sorry guys, I missed yesterday’s comic because we were in Seoul for BIGBANG concert and some meetings and wasn’t able to prepare it earlier because of computer problems).

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Nicholalala Webtoon: Ghost

Hey everyone!

New Nicholalala episode up on Line Webtoon!


For those that don’t know: I created a new comic series and am now a featured artist on Line Webtoon. Webtoons are hugely popular in Korea and Line Webtoon is the English site for the international market. As you can see, the format is a bit different to other web comics and is really made to suit mobile devices (you can download the app), but also viewable in a browser too. I won’t be posting the webtoons on my blog, instead they will be on Line Webtoon. So make sure you head over there to check them out.

I’ve also made a video talking a little bit about this episode in particular:

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New Nicholalala on Line Webtoon



For many people this isn’t actually a new episode as it was on the Challenge League, but it’s the first time it’s up as a featured webtoon. While there will be some episodes from the Challenge League, I will be mixing in new episodes in the coming weeks and gradually it will change over to all new episodes. Please like, share and comment because that really helps me out!

The Nicholalala Webtoon is up every Tuesday at 11pm Korean time on Line Webtoon and you can also download the app! I also have a new Facebook page for my art.

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