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Nicholalala Webtoon: Ghost

Hey everyone!

New Nicholalala episode up on Line Webtoon!


For those that don’t know: I created a new comic series and am now a featured artist on Line Webtoon. Webtoons are hugely popular in Korea and Line Webtoon is the English site for the international market. As you can see, the format is a bit different to other web comics and is really made to suit mobile devices (you can download the app), but also viewable in a browser too. I won’t be posting the webtoons on my blog, instead they will be on Line Webtoon. So make sure you head over there to check them out.

I’ve also made a video talking a little bit about this episode in particular:

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New Nicholalala on Line Webtoon



For many people this isn’t actually a new episode as it was on the Challenge League, but it’s the first time it’s up as a featured webtoon. While there will be some episodes from the Challenge League, I will be mixing in new episodes in the coming weeks and gradually it will change over to all new episodes. Please like, share and comment because that really helps me out!

The Nicholalala Webtoon is up every Tuesday at 11pm Korean time on Line Webtoon and you can also download the app! I also have a new Facebook page for my art.

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First Nicholalala Webtoon Up!


This is just the introduction, but it will be new for those that were following Nicholalala on the Challenge League, and new for everyone else too of course.


Please share and comment if you like it! Thanks everyone!

ALSO: I have made a Facebook page for me as an artist. Rather than create a Nicholalala Facebook page and then create a new Facebook page every time I start a new webtoon series or something, it will all go under the Nichola Gwon Facebook page. Please go like it. Thank you everyone!

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Nicholalala Webtoon


The Nicholalala Webtoon starts 7th April! Links will be posted when it’s up!

A few people have been confused because the webtoons are no longer on the Challenge League on Line Webtoon. That’s because the webtoon will be starting as a featured webtoon. The Challenge League is where people post their work in hopes of being selected. Again a big thanks to everyone who liked, commented and shared. You had a big part in helping me become selected. Once the webtoon starts, it still really helps me out if you like, comment and share as well.

If you do comment on webtoons a lot you have a chance to win an iPad!

There is a ‘Comment to Win’ competition at the moment!

For those that followed all the webtoons on the Challenge League, you will see some you have seen before, but I’ll be mixing new ones in as well.

Also, the My Korean Husband comics won’t be going anywhere and will always be on the blog here.

You can follow the Nicholalala Twitter as well!

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