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Update and Vlog

Hey guys. There won’t be a comic today because I’m spending some time painting instead. I have a few commissions backed up. (For those interested in buying a painting or commissioning me to paint something just send me an email.)

Check out yesterday’s vlog though!

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Update and Vlogs

So I took a few days off because I wasn’t well, but feeling better now. Because Hugh was in Seoul we didn’t have time to edit a Wednesday video but we have TWO vlogs today.

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CoC – Floordrode?

This week’s Commenting on Comments:

And yesterday’s vlog. To see these soon as soon as they are uploaded, make sure you SUBSCRIBE.

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White Christian Girl? – Ask Korean Guys

We often get questions about whether Korean guys date certain types of girls but in most cases it all comes down to individual circumstances. This question was a little bit easier to talk about though, and Hugh and Han talk about the biggest religions in Korea.

And yesterday’s Vlog. If you want to see all the vlogs as soon as they are uploaded you need to subscribe 🙂

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Jinju Lantern Festival

Here is our full video of the Jinju Lantern festival!

And today’s vlog:

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Update and Vlog

Hey guys, I’ve got problems with my arm again so unable to draw right now, that’s why there wasn’t a comic today and there may not be one tomorrow. But there is a vlog!

Also, Wednesday video may be up on Thursday instead due to the large amount of editing required. I will try to vlog tomorrow though.

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CoC – Revenge and Fanmail

Also on the vlogging channel:

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