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Vlog: In Seoul and Best Pets

We are really busy in Seoul but still trying to get some vlogs up.

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Sancheong Festival

Adele and I show you around the Sancheong Festival that was a few weeks ago. It was way more fun than we thought it would be!

Also, you can check out yesterday’s vlog on the vlogging channel.

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Update and Fun Stuff

Here is today’s vlog, though it’s more of just an update.

So since I’ve been so busy and a bit sick, some lovely people have been helping me out.

First up we have a drawing from Chloe. (For those that don’t know: Chloe is Daniel’s girlfriend who is in our Ask Korean Guys and is one of my good friends). She draws awesome funny stuff. Her Instagram and her (new) Facebook Page.

Chloe Artwork

Also, there are still kiwis available if you want to order organic kiwis from the farm! Just contact us!

One of our super fans Magdalena also drew something for me! This is about the cultural differences with the word “cute” and the way Korean guys can embrace being cute and want to be cute!

wanna be cute

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Vlog: Packing Kiwis and Jinju

Sorry there wasn’t a new comic or a video on our main YouTube channel. We are really busy at the moment. We do have a vlog from today though!

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Making Bread

Making Bread

That’s why we have a bread maker… because we don’t have an oven…

So as I’ve mentioned, normal Korean homes don’t have ovens. It slipped my mind when I asked for an oven mitt. Of course there isn’t one! There are other things for handling hot pans on stove tops of course but for some reason not in our house… even the tea towel we used was one that I had sent from Australia as a gift. I really miss having a drawer full of fresh clean tea towels! The things you end up missing while in another country…

When we do eventuality get our own place I will be able to have tea towels!

You can see some of the bread making in yesterday’s vlog.

It would be great if you subscribed to the vlogging channel. It’s free!

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Ask Us – Soy Sauce or Vegemite?

We answer a bunch of your questions!

Just a reminder that although the video schedule should be mostly unaffected, the comics will be more sporadic these next 2 weeks.

Today’s vlog:

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Vlog: Creepy Woods!

And now for something more light-hearted… but weird… this is a very quick video where you can’t see much but I filmed because of Hugh’s weird laugh. I’ve never heard him laugh like this before! He was laughing at my karate chop attempts (this was after he had tried jiu jitsu moves on me). This was just few seconds of a 10 minute laughing fit.

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