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Why Mr Gwon?

We talk about why I often refer to him as Mr Gwon.

Also you can see what we did today on our vlogging channel. Make sure you subscribe to get all the updates.

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CoC – Kimchi Milk

Also check out the new video on our new vlogging channel:

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We have started a new YouTube channel! This one is (almost) daily vlogs so you can see a lot more of what we do. Sometimes it’s hard to vlog on our main YouTube channel because we have to have some sort of storyline to them and they still take a lot of editing. But on our vlogging channel it’s more just point and shoot and upload. We won’t be worrying too much about editing or music. We hope you guys like them. We can show you a lot more stuff this way, though we won’t always be looking our best…. sorry!

Here is our first vlog on the new channel, which is called Nicholalala.

Make sure you subscribe!!! There will be many more videos coming!

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