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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Revenge

This is part three in this mini story within the Nicholalala webtoon.

Part one and Part two is here.

Nicholalala Revenge


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New Nicholalala Webtoon episode: Zombie

New Nicholalala Webtoon episode is up!

Nicholalala Zombie


You see octopuses displayed like this a lot in Korea. It does kind of unnerve me sometimes!

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode

Nicholalala Webtoon


It was supposed to be a Q&A episode this week but needing urgent surgery kinda delayed that episode! This episode was originally on the Challenge League before I became a featured artist. Thank you for the likes, shares, comments and rating!

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(Update on surgery situation: I was just released from hospital but still recovering).

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Rockpools at Night

Rockpools at Night

This was over Christmas when we stayed in a holiday house near the beach. Whenever we were walking on the beach my husband would ask, “Can we eat it?” for almost everything he saw. My family goes to the beach and enjoys swimming and relaxing, but my husband sees it as an opportunity to find food. His attempt at catching squid was unsuccessful because the ocean was too rough, but we did see others catch a lot a few days earlier, so maybe next time.

We had a really fun time looking in rock pools though, especially at night. The octopus freaked us out. Well, freaked me out. I have this half joking fear that giant octopuses will one day take over the world. This is why I don’t eat baby octopuses in Korean seafood hotpot because when octopuses take over the world I’m going to be like “I didn’t eat your babies! Don’t kill me!” All my friends know my theory and laugh at me. So I was a bit scared when my husband caught the octopus in the bucket. Which a bit out of character for me, I’m not scared of animals and I’m trained as a zoo keeper so I’ve handled plenty of animals. Octopus though…. they are just so smart. This octopus we caught was easily crawling out of the bucket, and when we put it back it changed it’s colour to match the rocks in the rockpool. Freaky.

My husband was sad he couldn’t eat it and we really had to force him to put it back. Even though I’ve explained that you can’t just take everything from the environment, sometimes he thinks with his stomach. We were also lucky that it wasn’t a Blue-ringed Octopus which are deadly.

Anyway, go watch some Youtube videos about octopus and see how smart they are.

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