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Seoul Meet Up Video

We’ve been meaning to show some videos of the meet up in Seoul for a while but never had time to edit anything together.

Hello to everyone we met!

The Meet Up Was Great!

We had a really great time at the meet up. Thank you to everyone who came. We expected only a few people but I think it ended up being about 20 people. Everyone was so nice and we had an awesome time. There are a few photos on Facebook mostly from the second place we went to. We started at the cafe, then moved on to a restaurant and then some of us went to a bar and then finally another restaurant. So much talking!

I haven’t done a comic yet for today but I’ll try to do one later. I’m typing this while still in the hotel bed- I’m exhausted but trying to wake up properly because we need to go out and have EBS film us some more.


Seoul Meet Up

Hey guys, we will be having a meet up in Seoul on 4th of May. It will probably be in the afternoon, 4 or 5pm. It’s just a chance to meet people, meet us and others that read the blog as well. At this point it’s likely to be at a Twosome Place near Sinchon station.

EBS will be filming us for a few days and will likely film a bit of the meet up. I just want to check firstly how many people are likely to come, and if people are okay being filmed. Really it’s us being filmed so I think you’d be more in the background.

If no one is going to show up because there will be a camera, I want to check first haha.

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