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Another Snapshot of my Day video on the Nicholalala channel. Just a winter day.

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‘Snapshot of my day’ video up on the Nicholalala channel. Busy day filming!

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Snapshot of my day – Hapejong Life

Snapshot of my day video up on the Nicholalala YouTube channel. These videos are small glimpses into a normal day for us.

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Snapshot of my day: SeoulTube

Some small moments from my day yesterday when we went to an event for YouTubers. Subscribe to the Nicholalala channel here.

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Snapshot of my Day- Han river in the evening

Subscribe to the Nicholalala YouTube channel to see more short vlog videos like this.

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Snapshot of my Day

Video up on the Nicholalala channel. A quick snapshot of my day.

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Nicholalala video: Snapshot of my day

Some moments from my day yesterday! It’s been hard to keep up with this channel because we’ve been so busy since our move, but I think I will do these types of videos once a week, where I just choose one day a week to film small moments like this and present it without commentary – but I’m happy to answer any questions in the comment section on YouTube. I also want to do some just talking/answering question videos too, so I may answer some questions in videos.

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