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First Snow of the Season!

Last Saturday we had the first snow of the season in Seoul. Last winter Yul was just a tiny little baby so didn’t see any snow. This was the first time he had really seen snow falling. He was quite fascinated by it. The snow was mostly gone by the end of the day but I hope we get some more soon so he can play in it.

Seoul Life: Uncle Hugh and Aunt Nichola

We’ve had a lot of stuff on lately and haven’t been able to do a ‘Seoul Life’ video but here is a new one finally! As you can see we’ve been busy being 니콜라 이모 and 휴삼촌 (Aunt Nichola and Uncle Hugh).


We aren’t able to make a video this week due to business stuff and health stuff. This footage was originally for a Seoul Life video but thought I’d just put it up now instead. There has hardly been any snow this winter in Seoul so I’m glad we took the opportunity to play in the snow in the middle of the night.

Our One Day of Snow

As I’ve mentioned before, it doesn’t snow much in this region of Korea. As the weather started to get warmer, I was convinced that we were not getting any decent snow this winter (there had only been a tiny bit of snow at night a few times). It was already changing to spring. We woke up this morning to the surprise of very heavy snow. My mother-in-law woke us up early in the morning and we had a look but went back to sleep, convinced it would be gone by mid-morning. But it wasn’t, and it had blanketed the countryside. It ended up being a perfect snow day. I know that people complain about the snow, especially in the cities, but this was perfect for us. We got one day of enjoying the snow before it disappeared, and without any of the difficulties snow brings. Here is our vlog:

It’s now late at night and the weather has changed. The snow has gone and an icy wind is blowing through the valley. It’s now so much colder. I hate the wind and how cold it is and really preferred the snow. The snow falls quietly, while the wind is so strong and keeps us awake at night. But at least we made good memories on our one snow day!


Those that follow some of social media accounts would have seen our photos of this snow this morning. Completely unexpected! It’s supposed to be getting warmer. This was actually the first time we’ve had snow this winter that has stuck to the ground, so it was exciting for us. By the time we filmed Commenting on Comments it was starting to melt, but still plenty of it around.


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