Summer Lane Cafe in Seoul

Sara (Hoju Sara) was the one who told me about ‘Summer Lane’ and I’ve been meaning to go for such a long time. Finally I got the chance! Hugh was busy working so I decided to have an “Aussie day” with Yul. We live in Korea so he is constantly in Korean culture, so it was time for some Australian-ness. So we headed to ‘Summer Lane’ with Sara and another fellow Aussie Kait.

The food was amazing and really tasted like home. Apparently they have a special supplier for the bacon… because that type of bacon is not easy to get in Korea!

I was so happy that they do babyccinos too. When we were last in Australia I would get a babyccino for Yul at cafes. A babyccino is just milk, milk foam and some chocolate powder, served in a little cup or mug. Before I was a parent I thought they were pretentious and parents were trying to make their kids like mini adults, now I realise babyccinos are lifesavers! Yul is fascinated by drinks and always wants mine, either to drink it or stick his hand in it. A babyccino means he is distracted because he has his own drink and I can enjoy my drink in peace. I wish more cafes in Korea did babyccinos.

There are other brunch places in Seoul, but not many feel Australian like this. If you are Aussie and wanting a taste of home, the food at Summer Lane is very satisfying. Even if you go for just desserts! The pavlova and lamington were great!

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