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Ask Korean Guys – Tall Guys?

Hugh and Daniel talk about there being a stereotype that Korean men are short and the difference between generations, not just between the much older generation and younger people, but even the differences between men who are Hugh’s age and men who are Daniel’s age. I’ve noticed the differences as well between people around the age of 30 and people who are late teens and early 20’s. People are getting taller.

Just Checking

Okay, he was a bit loopy from cold medicine when he did this. He wanted to check if the tall Korean guy was standing on a box. I’m not sure if the guy noticed or not haha.

Koreans sometimes tend to have too much focus on height. It’s something guys are really self conscious about. A lot of Korean guys can be really worried about their height which isn’t helped by stuff the Korean media says as well.

I don’t really care about height and I remind my husband that I’ve dated very tall men before and none of them made me feel as safe as secure as he makes me feel. Height is such a minor thing to me. I’d love my husband no matter what his height.

Hopefully this incident was because of the cold medicine making him stupid and just being curious, not because he was feeling insecure because of a really tall Korean guy.


Okay I just asked him and he said, “No I just wonder, just curious!”

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