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Valentine’s Ramen

Valentine Ramen

It’s the little things in life…

We ordered before we sat down at the table, so we had no idea the Valentine’s day special was extra chashu. It was at one of the good ramen places in Hongdae too.

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Valentine’s Day Vlog

This is what we did on Valentine’s day:

It was actually pretty fun to go by the YG Building, there was definitely activity and I know a lot of recording is happening there are the moment. The fans waiting were also very nice and respectful. Two Korean girls asked us questions thinking we knew Big Bang’s movements and if they were inside right now… not sure why they thought we would know, we were probably more clueless than everyone else there! If you do like YG groups I do recommend a visit to the YG building if you are in Seoul, although you may not see anyone famous, it’s cool to be in the area and read all the messages for YG artists.

We had a really good Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a good idea to share it with our couples because it takes a lot of pressure off it. Because it can be tiring to be lovey dovey all day! Instead, eat lots of food and be with good people.

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Valentine’s Day


I’m eating those chocolates right now. Yum yum yum. He carefully picked out the flavours I like at the gourmet chocolate shop. I accidentally saw him buying them and got excited but I hid so he wouldn’t know that I saw him.

We always celebrate Valentine’s Day the Australian/American way. In Korea Valentine’s Day is for girls to give chocolate to guys. Then a month later on White Day guys will give candy to girls. I much prefer Valentine’s Day here, but Korean girls do get a lot of other special days as well.

We don’t do anything over the top but it’s nice to get some flowers and chocolates.

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