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Snapshot of my day: SeoulTube

Some small moments from my day yesterday when we went to an event for YouTubers. Subscribe to the Nicholalala channel here.

Picking Strawberries with Megan

Our friend Megan visited us on the farm! We filmed some videos together but this is the behind the scenes footage of some of the stuff we got up to.

Megan’s YouTube channel.

Also subscribe to the Nicholalala YouTube channel.

Videos with Megan coming on the My Korean Husband YouTube channel over the next few weeks.

Vlog: YouTuber Life Seoul

We live a type of double life where we are in the countryside doing countryside things and then in the same week we’ll go to Seoul and have meetings and socialize with cool people and all sorts of fun things like that.

Vlog: Korean First Birthday

In this vlog we experience some scary taxi driver road rage and then eat lots of food at a Korean first birthday.

Vlog: SBS PopAsia and Dinner

We still have a few vlogs from when we were in Australia. We’ve been a bit slow editing them, but here is when we went to SBS PopAsia for an interview and then had dinner with Han and Sophie and Alice.

Where we first met

This vlog was filmed on our second day back in Australia. We show you where we first met!

Vlog: Seoul Meetings and Dinner

This vlog is from the day before we flew out to Sydney.

We had a bunch of meetings and then we had dinner with our friends Simon and Martina from the very famous Eat Your Kimchi. Although we stay with them often, we are both usually quite busy and don’t actually get the chance to go out for dinner that often, but this time we did!

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