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Alice walks into YG Entertainment to ask if Bigbang is there

4 year old walks into YG Entertainment to ask if BIGBANG is there.

Most people will know Sophie and Han’s daughter Alice from several of our videos. The other week Sophie, Alice and baby Gyo were visiting us and the walk from the bus stop goes past YG Entertainment. Alice likes Bigbang and has even been to a Bigbang concert before so she knows the YG building as “Bigbang’s house”. As we were walking back from the shops and passing YG, Alice was asking about Bigbang. We told her that as it’s a Sunday they won’t be there (which is usually true). Since she is so confident she decided to walk right into the YG driveway and ask the security guard if they were there. The security guard was very nice to her but told her they aren’t there. Usually fans are stopped before getting that far but they let her in and the security guard had a smile on his face. Alice speaks more Korean than English so the whole exchange was in Korean.

I posted this video on Instagram and it got a great response so decided to post it on YouTube too. So many people relate to Alice wanting to see Bigbang. Even some Kpop news sites picked up the story.

Thank you to everyone for all the positive comments across social media. Her mother’s Instagram is here.

Here is a photo of Alice earlier in the day:


How much do you wish that you had the confidence of a 4 year old? haha

Pokemon Go finally in Korea!

Just a little vlog about Pokemon Go finally being in South Korea.  South Korea is very late getting Pokemon Go because of mapping concerns (to do with North Korea or something) but it’s finally here! On one of the coldest days! It was about -10 when we were walking around. Since YG Entertainment (entertainment company of massive stars like BIGBANG etc) is in our neighbourhood, we walked by to see what was there in the game.

Valentine’s Day Vlog

This is what we did on Valentine’s day:

It was actually pretty fun to go by the YG Building, there was definitely activity and I know a lot of recording is happening there are the moment. The fans waiting were also very nice and respectful. Two Korean girls asked us questions thinking we knew Big Bang’s movements and if they were inside right now… not sure why they thought we would know, we were probably more clueless than everyone else there! If you do like YG groups I do recommend a visit to the YG building if you are in Seoul, although you may not see anyone famous, it’s cool to be in the area and read all the messages for YG artists.

We had a really good Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a good idea to share it with our couples because it takes a lot of pressure off it. Because it can be tiring to be lovey dovey all day! Instead, eat lots of food and be with good people.

Vlog 8 Book Deal (and YG Building)

So I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but it’s finally official. I signed with a Korean publishing company to have a comic book published. It will be targeted at a Korean audience and will be a lot of the stuff that is already on the blog. So English speakers- don’t worry, you won’t be missing out on a lot. Though, if you do want to practise your Korean, maybe the book will help.

This is just the first step but we are hoping to publish a comic book in English that shows how we met and a lot more stuff later on. Right now we are focusing on the book for the Korean market. So hopefully that will all go well.

Big thank you to everyone who reads the blog. I wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for you guys. I really appreciate everyone who follows the blog.

The YG building is pretty cool to see, not only because of the famous people but because the architecture is interesting too. For those that don’t know, YG Entertainment is the company that Kpop groups like BigBang and 2NE1 are under. If you have read all my posts back to the beginning I mention early on how I have a friend that lives right near it. She doesn’t like to stare too much because she has to walk by so much and doesn’t want others to think she is a stalker. We didn’t linger either because we were just walking past, but there are always a few fans there no matter what. Usually they wait by the convenience store across the road. I have no idea if they even get to see anything interesting because cars that stars get in to drive right up to the doors, so it would only be a glimpse IF you even saw anyone. I suppose there is small chance of someone going out to buy something from the store. I couldn’t do it though… I walked past one time in the rain on the way to the subway and fans were still there huddled under umbrellas.

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