Oh boy…. I don’t like it when people hold a phone up to me and tell me to talk when I only have to speak in English… so having a phone held up to me and being told to speak in Korean is way worse! PANIC MODE!

I get blackmailed into it. It’s hard backing out of things in Korean culture! My husband will say things like “They just want to hear your voice. They miss you. My mother says that when she hears your voice all her aches and pains from working on the farm go away.”

How can I say no to that? Speaking shyly and softly hasn’t worked so well in the past because I end up having to repeat myself. So now I just panic and speak really loudly and just say a bunch of stuff. Luckily they don’t care and just like that I’m trying. Also they have the phone on speaker so I’m not damaging anyone’s ears… hopefully. But yes, his family is really really sweet.

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