We talk about dating in Korea! What is the truth about dating in Korea? While we didn’t date in Korea, we were part of the Korean community in Sydney and of course now live in Korea. And Hugh, being a Korean man, has lots to talk about the dating culture and cultural differences.

What sparked this video is that Keith from Seoulistic has written a book about dating in Korea. He interviewed us about our experiences, and some other people too. Korean dating culture can be difficult to navigate for people who have moved to Korea, so he goes into a lot of detail about important things to know.

You can buy the ebook here, and if you use the coupon code ‘MKH’ you will get $5 off.

Also in our video we talk about some of our experiences navigating cultural differences and we talk about when fetish comes into play and what usually happens. With BTS bringing so much attention to Korea and Korean men there are sure to be some people coming to Korea with unrealistic expectations.

When nonKoreans do start dating in Korea and end up in a serious relationship, there are many cultural things to navigate! Having a guide helps a lot, and I wish I had more info when Hugh and I first starting dating…. back in the stone age.

The worst thing people can do in this situation is not pay attention to cultural differences and assume that “love conquers all”. They may make the mistake of thinking since this person is now their boyfriend and girlfriend that everything is “safe” and they can relax. As we mention in he video, the terms boyfriend and girlfriend may not even mean exactly what we assume in Western countries.

There are a lot more topics in the dating category we can talk about. Especially being an “old married couple” now, we can hopefully give some people some insight into what it takes to have a serious relationship with someone from a different culture.

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