Too much seaweed

I’m addicted to dried seaweed. It’s annoying my husband because he doesn’t see it as a snack, it’s supposed to be part of a meal. Because his mother used to always tell him when he was younger that it’s not a snack. So he called her to tell her that I eat so many packets of seaweed, hoping to convince me to not eat so much. But doesn’t matter what she told him when he was young, she is on my side! Haha. So she basically said to let me eat as much seaweed as I want.

I am trying to cut back a bit. The other day I secretly bought a 3 pack and ate it all at once. AND I’ve only been eating it for 2 years, he has been eating it for all his life.

Sorry if this post is not written as well, I’m writing this as my husband is doing his own rendition of Les Misérables in the background. He is obsessed. Will talk about that another time…

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