So I went to the BIGBANG concert with Chloe. (TOP of BIGBANG collects furniture, which others find laughable but we find amazing).

Top and Furniture

Furniture and love of furniture as western women is a cultural difference that does sometimes come up when you have a Korean partner. Korean houses traditionally lack a lot of furniture and they use the space in different ways, whereas Australia has an obsession with renovations and furniture (in comparison). You should see the way Hugh’s eyes will roll if my mum and I drag him into a furniture shop in Australia. He can never understand my passion for lovely sofas or beds and to this day we still don’t have a sofa or bed in this house… But when we get our own apartment I will get my way and have furniture!

So the elusive TOP of BIGBANG (the most famous Kpop group) is known to collect unique furniture. Apparently the other members laughed at his collection at first but now realise how cool it is. TOP is also starting to post furniture pics on his new Instagram account as well.

So yes, we really did yell those things out to him. Not that he would have been able to hear, but we want to support him in his love of furniture! His furniture collection makes him even more attractive.

Chloe also drew a comic about wishing she had brought a sign like this to the concert.


Check out her other art here. And her tumblr. Please DO NOT take these comics and reupload to tumblr with no reference to us. We are both on tumblr, you should be REBLOGGING from our official tumblrs.

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