walking around houseOkay this comic doesn’t have my husband in it. But I drew it because I’m visiting my parents right now. They go to bed at a normal time… but I don’t. In Sydney my husband finishes work at 4am, so I don’t usually sleep until he comes home. This means our sleeping schedule is pretty messed up and we have to sleep very late. I still kinda have that routine here at my parents’ house but I feel bad when I accidentally make noise at night. Everything seems so loud at night! And why do I drop EVERYTHING?

Anyway I’m sorry Mum and Dad, and Typhoon and Olivia (Korean couple who are living with my parents). 🙁

I was going to just put this one on the Tumblr but I thought I’d show it here too to remind you to check out the Tumblr sometimes. The Tumblr has most of the comics on here but some extra things as well. My husband thinks it’s just a place where I draw G-Dragon pictures…. haha.

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