Wearing t-shirts while pregnant

I’ve been getting bigger but Hugh as been getting slimmer. Some of our couple t-shirts we have now switched and I’m wearing the large one and he is wearing the small one. At home when I want to be comfortable I often wear one of his t-shirts. Most are too big for him now. I’m generally not fussy about which one I wear but I can’t bring myself to wear his Slytherin t-shirt. I’m a Hufflepuff. (Since Harry Potter is such a world wide phenomenon I don’t think there is any need to explain much about the Hogwarts Houses here).

People are often surprised to know Hugh is a Slytherin as of course he is a lovely guy. But he is ambitious and driven. A Hufflepuff and Slytherin marriage may seem odd but it does work really well. I remember not expecting to be a Hufflepuff when I did the test years ago, but it makes the most sense now. I definitely identify as a Hufflepuff!

Hugh has lost so much weight, and of course I am gaining weight, that we almost weigh the same amount now! He is only a little bit heavier than me. But he may get heavier again as he bulks up. Going from large and extra large t-shirts down to the small size has been amazing for him, although it does leave a lot of too big t-shirts he can’t wear now. I can wear some of them, but there really is too many. The Slytherin t-shirt, and my Hufflepuff t-shirt, were gifts from a fan so it’s a shame his one is too big for him, because it is a great t-shirt.

I just can’t bring myself to wear it…

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