If you are a Big Bang fan you know what the YG building is. If you don’t know: it is the headquarters of YG Entertainment- the record company Big Bang (and other notable singers/groups) belong to. It is a unique looking building and easy to find in Seoul.

Last year I stayed with a friend in Seoul and her family just happens to live a few streets away from the YG building. In order to get to the train station she has to walk past YG. Although my friend is a fan of Big Bang she feels really embarrassed about walking past all the time and keeps her head down and doesn’t look.

She walks past like this:


When I stayed with her and had to walk past I was more like this:

Um… yeah. Okay it was more of a stage whisper I swear. And then I’d keep walking.

There are always fans opposite standing next to the convenience store though. They are hardcore. They are there in all kinds of weather. One time my friend and I had to go somewhere but it was pouring rain (monsoon season) and when we passed YG there were still fans waiting in the torrential rain!

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