Taking Yul to eat bingsu!

Bingsu in Korea is a must during summer! This shaved iced dessert has a huge range of varieties, but we took Yul to have the more traditional type with red beans, rice cakes and bean powder. He has probably tasted shaved ice before but last summer he wasn’t old enough to properly eat and enjoy any bingsu.

We thought it was time for him to have a real bingsu experience so we headed to our local cafe. He probably liked the ice cream on it the most! When I first moved to Korea I liked the very sweet bingsus, like the mango and cheesecake one. But when I became pregnant my tastes changed a lot and the less sweet traditional styles appealed more to me. Even now I prefer patbingsu, the traditional type with red beans, rice cakes and bean powder. The version we had also included ice cream, but often when ordering this type it doesn’t necessarily always have ice cream.

Bingsu is very common in Korea in summer and cafes have machines that shave the ice quickly. But before everyone had these machines, the ice had to be hand cranked which was not fun for cafe workers!

It’s definitely something to check out if you visit Korea in the warmer months and there are so many types to choose from. Summer can get very very hot in Korea so it’s always refreshing to eat something icy and cold. It is something that is usually eaten with at least 2 people, so heads up if you do order it while alone as you might have trouble finishing it.

There are big dessert chains that do bingsu, but you can also check out smaller cafes that might have their own interesting flavours.

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