Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Mermaid 0

There is a new episode up on LINE Webtoon!

Nicholalala Mermaid


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Public What? 0

Public What

Hugh can laugh at his mistakes in English, but even more now that I speak some Korean and my mistakes are way worse than his. Actually if my Korean was a good as his English I would be very happy. If he makes a funny mistake in English he is very quick to point out where my Korean is in comparison to his English. But one day it will be more even!

I’m still curious about this public potato…

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Hate Comment 10

Hate Comment

Words can hold a lot of power, but they can also lose that power very quickly. We don’t get that many hate comments on YouTube but they are usually the racist variety. We’ve seen it all, so when the only thing someone can say is a very old and stereotypical racist insult, it was hilarious to us. Hugh really burst out laughing like that because it’s so ridiculous: it’s not hurting him and instead just makes the commenter look stupid. (For those that don’t know, the word that was used is very racist and offensive but has been around for a long time). We get comments from neo nazis sometimes… that ‘c’ word seems almost quaint in comparison.

We’ve talked a lot with YouTubers about hate comments and everyone has come to the conclusion that hate comments are not usually a representation of you and what you do, but rather a reflection of that individual commenter. It shows more about them than it does about you. A lot of YouTubers just end up feeling bad for those people that leave a lot of hate comments or spend their energy actively hating them, because people that are happy in themselves don’t do that. It’s people who are miserable and troubled, or have some type of issue in their own life that are doing it.

Particularly nasty hate comments can be hurtful but they often end up as funny stories to tell to other YouTubers/bloggers. I’m also quick to copy and paste horrible comments to share with my friends so we can laugh at how ridiculous it is.




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Bromance (and fan mail) 0

We haven’t done one of these videos in a while! We comment on your comments and open some fan mail.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Bikes 0



Thank you everyone for supporting the webtoon. We actually visited the Webtoon offices at Naver recently, so will have a video up about that soon.

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Cat-sitting Meemers 0

I have bronchitis so doing a bit less work at moment. We thought we’d upload this video instead of one that involves a lot more editing. So please enjoy this quick video of our most favourite cat in the world: Meemers! And sorry to the farm cats here… we do have cats on the farm but they aren’t as cool as Meemers.

(For those that don’t know, Meemers belongs to Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi).

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NEW VLOG: Wedding photos and Korean seafood 1

What I didn’t show in this vlog is the shrimp being cooked alive in front of us. That was a little bit traumatic because they jump and bang against the clear pot lid as they die… Korean seafood can be very interesting and sometimes scary. Even Hugh doesn’t like it all, though the photographer with us ate everything. Since our friends are Korean American and not that used to this type of raw seafood, we did end up cooking some of the raw fish and scallops and they were delicious. I know some people think the raw taste is better, but while I do like raw fish sometimes, I did find the taste improved for me when we cooked it. Luckily we were the only people at this restaurant in the middle of nowhere and the family that owns it were very nice and understanding.

If you are interested in the accommodation we stayed in check out this video here.

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So White 4

So White

Being in an intercultural marriage means that you are comfortable talking about race and cultural differences and cultural identity. But some days you just have conversations like this… haha.

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Cutest Pension and Ganghwado Mudflats 1

This video was not planned, we just happened to go to this pension with friends who were getting wedding photos taken. We discovered this pension was so nice and really adorable so we decided to make a video. Pension, which is the Konglish name for this type of accommodation vary wildly in Korea, so this was definitely more of an upmarket one. It is also a ‘healing’ pension, which means that it’s not the type of place for big groups of people to go and be loud and BBQ. It’s for couples or families to have some quiet time, enjoy the countryside and relax and maybe do some crafts.

인천광역시 강화군 길상면 해안남로474번길 19 가족펜션
지번 인천광역시 강화군 길상면 선두리 1055-17
전화번호 032-937-3525

19, Haeannam-ro 474beon-gil, Gilsang-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, Korea


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New Nicholalala Webtoon episode: Zombie 1

New Nicholalala Webtoon episode is up!

Nicholalala Zombie


You see octopuses displayed like this a lot in Korea. It does kind of unnerve me sometimes!

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Why are Korean students so stressed? 0

Hugh and Jongdae talk about why Korean students can be under so much stress. They were both lucky to not feel too much pressure from their parents, but many other students are not as fortunate as can be seen by the high suicide rate. This type of pressure is a big problem in Korea. Not only because of the pressure but the narrow life that parents push their children into doesn’t guarantee happiness.

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Vlog: YouTuber Life Seoul 1

We live a type of double life where we are in the countryside doing countryside things and then in the same week we’ll go to Seoul and have meetings and socialize with cool people and all sorts of fun things like that.

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Tubs of Strawberries 6

Tubs of Strawberries

First strawberries of the season were picked today! So once again the floor looks like this in the house. Hugh doesn’t understand my urge to stomp on the strawberries: which I would never do of course! But I’d love to squish them.

Some people love the feel of sticking their hand in a bag of rice. What weird urges do you get when it comes to food? (Please keep comments “clean” haha).

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Adele ‘HELLO’ 1

So obviously that is not a very serious video! Hugh channeled his inner Korean middle school student for this. We made it because the first time Hugh watched the ‘Hello’ music video he said “I’m fine thank you and you?” to that part of the song. Although it was a joke, it was almost an automatic reaction because of the way this English dialogue is drilled into the heads of students learning English in Korea. In Korean there are set phrases that everyone says, however English is more flexible with those initial greetings and I’ve seen many Koreans quickly falter when faced with native English speakers who vary from the ‘script’. We don’t all say “I’m fine thank you and you?” like that. So this video was a little dig at the way English is taught in Korea and I hope it makes people, especially English teachers here, laugh.

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Our Busy Week 0

The past week has been quite busy for us. Those that follow us on Instagram would have seen what we’ve been doing but I’m also going to update here.

Hugh’s sister got married. Here I am with her before the wedding:


We headed to Seoul for the wedding reception of friends who had been married in the US but were doing some wedding celebrations in Korea. Korean weddings don’t usually have receptions, so it was lovely to go to a big dinner like this. Here we are all dressed up:


In Seoul we also caught up with Megan Bowen aka Chonunmigooksaram on YouTube.

With ChoNunMigookSaram

We then headed to Ganghwa with our friends visiting from the US to hang with them while they got more wedding photos taken. Where we stayed over night was super cute and there is a video about it coming soon!

Green Mango 1

Green Mango 2

While our friends are getting their photos taken:

My Korean Husband

We also went past the Ganghwado mudflats:


To see more photos follow the My Korean Husband Instagram.

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