Hugh and Jongdae talk about if Korean guys stop their university studies in order to do their compulsory military service. Those that follow Kpop and Kdramas would be very aware that Korean men have to do their military service, but they might not realise what age are usually doing it at. Kpop stars and actors usually delay their military service because of their careers, often waiting until the last possible allowed time to do it, so it may seem like Korean men do their service in their late 20’s. Usually though, Korean men are doing it at a much younger age and usually when they are in university.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Swimming 0

What happens when I go swimming after being told I shouldn’t?

Nicholalala Episode Swimming

NEW Nicholalala Episode is up on LINE Webtoon. Read the rest of the episode HERE.

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Kakao Friends Store 2

The only messages I get with my normal phone text messaging is lots of spam and text messages from the bank. I don’t even check my inbox properly. In Korea everything is done with KakaoTalk, not only for talking friends but even business contacts. The KakaoTalk characters are very popular and there’s lots of super cute merchandise with them.

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Hand me that 5

Hand me that

In Korean culture it’s polite to give things to people with 2 hands, or with the other hand supporting your arm. It’s especially important to do that with someone older than you or if they are in a higher position.

Being married, we don’t need to always give things with 2 hands (though some people who have a more formal marriage may still always do it) so it was funny that Hugh did it by reflex when he was concentrating too much on something else but still didn’t actually look at me.

Within a marriage you can also do it on purpose to show respect or care but is not necessary all the time. Also because I’m not Korean and our marriage is a cross cultural marriage, we are changing between 2 different cultures constantly.


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Trend in Korea 9

Trend in Korea

Haha… I thought there was room for some lighthearted fun at the expense of some of these sites… I still follow them and check what they report on, but I love making fun of ridiculous clickbait titles and articles.

So watch out… the next “trend in Korea” they report on, it might have been created by me!

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Ghost Conversations 4

Nicholalala Ghost Conversation


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How Do I Say This 6

How do I say this

Being married to a Korean man doesn’t mean it’s easy to get help with learning Korean.

This post is sponsored by HelloTalk. We only agree to sponsored posts if it’s something we actually use and like, and we both use this app for language exchange.

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Vlog: Great news! 2

We talked about recent health problems in this video, but in this vlog we got some good news.

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There is also a regular episode up. This episode was actually the first Nicholalala episode I ever drew, for the Challenge League on LINE Webtoon before I became a featured artist:

Nicholalala moth


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A quick video update:

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Binge Watching 5

Binge Watching

He tries to say that he doesn’t watch Korean dramas, but he does sometimes. He has been binge watching the drama ‘Oh My Ghostess’. He disappeared for several hours last night and I eventually found him watching it. I had been resting after my operation and was stumbling around trying to find him.

Health Update: I’m still recovering from my operation and just waiting on pathology results to see if the cysts they removed were cancerous. At this point the doctor says it’s unlikely they are, which is good news.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode 3

Nicholalala Webtoon


It was supposed to be a Q&A episode this week but needing urgent surgery kinda delayed that episode! This episode was originally on the Challenge League before I became a featured artist. Thank you for the likes, shares, comments and rating!

Please give me a nice rating HERE. It really helps me out when my webtoon is in the top ten of it’s category because more people can come across it and hopefully like it!

(Update on surgery situation: I was just released from hospital but still recovering).

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Update: Operation 15


Hi everyone, just need to update you. I won’t be able to post much on the blog for the next week because I’ll be in hospital for an operation. Ongoing problems have become too bad and I can’t carry on unless I have surgery. I spent most of today having many tests done because the pain became too much. I think they have ruled out extreme things like cancer, but it’s still bad enough for the doctor to say I need urgent surgery.

Hopefully I’ll make a good recovery and be able to return to making comics and videos. The LINE Webtoons will be the only comics still going up at this point. I’ll update on social media while in the hospital.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Beauty Mask 1

Nicholalala Beauty Mask


Have you used Korean beauty masks before? Hugh has this habit of coming to bed with them on and it freaks me out!

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