Bath and Food 11

Bath and Food

Why not indeed?

He would need to hashtag it like #bathtime #sexy #hotteok #lovinglife #metime #sexypose #bath #relaxing #sexylegs

What other hashtags would he need? haha

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Our One Day of Snow 3

As I’ve mentioned before, it doesn’t snow much in this region of Korea. As the weather started to get warmer, I was convinced that we were not getting any decent snow this winter (there had only been a tiny bit of snow at night a few times). It was already changing to spring. We woke up this morning to the surprise of very heavy snow. My mother-in-law woke us up early in the morning and we had a look but went back to sleep, convinced it would be gone by mid-morning. But it wasn’t, and it had blanketed the countryside. It ended up being a perfect snow day. I know that people complain about the snow, especially in the cities, but this was perfect for us. We got one day of enjoying the snow before it disappeared, and without any of the difficulties snow brings. Here is our vlog:

It’s now late at night and the weather has changed. The snow has gone and an icy wind is blowing through the valley. It’s now so much colder. I hate the wind and how cold it is and really preferred the snow. The snow falls quietly, while the wind is so strong and keeps us awake at night. But at least we made good memories on our one snow day!

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Those that follow some of social media accounts would have seen our photos of this snow this morning. Completely unexpected! It’s supposed to be getting warmer. This was actually the first time we’ve had snow this winter that has stuck to the ground, so it was exciting for us. By the time we filmed Commenting on Comments it was starting to melt, but still plenty of it around.


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Cold Hands 11

Cold Hands

I really thought it was getting warmer here but apparently it snowed the other night! It’s been nice and sunny, but icy air! I’m completely over cold weather, so I’m really glad we are going to Australia soon.

Winter has also been a constant cold hands battle between us.

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Retro Korean Candy 3

We try some old Korean candy:

What candy do you remember eating as a child?

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I’ve been sick 4


Just letting you know that I’ve been sick lately and that’s why we missed a comic yesterday and videos have been delayed. It’s an ongoing health problem, nothing really bad (I’m not dying or anything!) but will get some tests next week.

Since I was feeling much better today we pushed ourselves and got some videos done. Bit worried that Hugh is coming down with a cold now and if he does, I will too…. fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

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Let us know what other stereotypes are always in Korean dramas. Also let us know if you want us to talk more about Korean dramas, in particular about what some things mean in the context of Korean society.

Been dealing with some health problems recently which is why we missed Friday’s comic and video. Sorry guys!

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Putting my Hanbok on 10

Putting on Hanbok

Wearing a hanbok can be a lot like wearing a wedding dress. Anyone who has been a bride or bridesmaid might remember the awkward help the bride pee moments! There are just so many layers, especially in winter when I’m wearing long underwear under it too. It doesn’t help that Korean bathrooms usually have wet floors as well. It can be a bit difficult to manage.

As I was quite sick on Lunar New Year, I needed extra help getting my hanbok on. Usually I can do most of it myself and just need help with the outer skirt and top, but this time I needed my husband to help with everything.

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Will a Korean’s parents accept me? 2

We get asked a lot about how Hugh’s parents reacted to him bringing home an Australian girlfriend. We also get asked whether Korean parents are likely to accept a foreigner son or daughter in law and what can be done to make things go smoothly. We talk about the stereotype of Korean parents refusing to accept foreigners, hypothetical situations versus reality and some warning signs.

As with any video, there are many things we can’t cover. For example, we didn’t talk about incidences of Korean parents completely refusing to accept a foreigner (of course that can happen but we just don’t know anyone who has had that experience personally). We also didn’t comment on Korean American situations or Koreans who grew up in countries other than Korea. The stigma of single mothers is another serious topic and how that will affect acceptance from Korean parents is another topic that we weren’t able to cover this time.

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Corn on Pizza and Navy Hospital 0

This week’s Commenting on Comments:

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Lunar New Year 설날 0

Here is our vlog from Lunar New Year:

This vlog actually went up a few days ago, but they don’t always go up on the blog right away. If you want to see all the vlogs you need to subscribe to the vlogging channel.

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InstaHyuna 16


For those that don’t know, Hyuna is a popular Kpop star known for being quite sexy. To be fair – Mr Gwon does actually listen to her music!

Does anyone else get frustrated when someone uses Instagram like it’s Facebook and puts up many very similar photos that clog up the feed? Hyuna seems to be a repeat offender of this, but as Mr Gwon pointed out – doesn’t seem like many people mind! haha

We both think Instagram is one of the best social media platforms because of it’s simplicity.  What celebrities do you think use it well? What celebrities do you think don’t use it well?

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Montage and Vlog 3

Quick montage for our YouTube Channel:

We also have a new vlog up on our vlogging channel:

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New Webtoon 2

I have a new webtoon up on the Line Webtoon publishing platform.

Nicholalala Octopus Webtoon


It also helps me out if you like and share because then I have more of a chance of becoming a featured artist.

You can also give me a rating HERE. (During the competition period many artists got their ratings spammed with 0/10 ratings and my rating is still trying to recover. If you want me to be able to continue these webtoons, I appreciate it if you can give me a good rating, thanks!)

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Hanbok Problems 6

Hanbok Problems

I do like wearing my hanbok, but it’s not the easiest thing to get around in. I spent a lot of Lunar New Year sitting and waiting for relatives to visit, and some objects disappeared under my skirts. When you try a hanbok on at tourist places they are usually not this big and are just the outer skirt and top/jacket, but if you own a hanbok it usually involves special socks and pantaloons, a big puffy petticoat, and an under blouse before you even put on the pretty colourful skirt and top.

I wasn’t allowed to take it off either, those that follow me on Instagram would have seen my photo of my view laying on the floor while waiting in my hanbok. Although, for all the ways a hanbok can limit you, they are very special.

We haven’t put anymore videos up with week because I’ve been sick and we have been busy with Lunar New Year, but we’ll have some up soon.

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