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That Play-Doh Smell

The smell of childhood

Hugh and I had very different childhoods and some things we only realise now that we have Yul. Since Korea has changed a lot, Yul has a lot more access to things that I had in my stereotypical Western childhood, like Play-Doh. Whereas what Hugh had to play with in the ’80s in Korea was very different to what I had in Australia. These days things like Play-Doh are easy to get in Korea.

Growing up, we also made Play-Doh at home ourselves, but my brain instantly recognizes the smell of the store-brought Play-Doh brand. I had fun sniffing Yul’s Play-Doh while Hugh had no interest…

Yul also has Play-Doh toys and accessories I would have loved to have as a child but they were either not available then or would have been too expensive. Yul really enjoys playing with Play-Doh but doesn’t realise how lucky he is! He is also young so his playing mostly involved just layering pieces of Play-Doh on top of each other.

He has yet to discover the slime craze thankfully and hopefully I can hold that off for a while!

Seoul Vlog: Working Mum Life

Vlogging my day and new project!

As I mention in the video, we had 3 or 4 videos lined up and loosely scripted to film 2 days ago… and then realised it was a public holiday and there was no daycare for Yul. It’s impossible to film those types of videos when Yul is home. We would have filmed yesterday instead but Hugh flew out to Japan for the weekend. So I decided to vlog my day instead for a video. It ended up being a day and a half technically, but the timing worked out because I could show Sara and I recording the first episodes of our new podcast.

Sara (HojuSara on YouTube) and I have been planning to do a podcast for quite a while and finally it’s happening. We’ve been sponsored the equipment and have a producer (Kait who is from my area of Australia!) so it’s going to be coming soon!

The air has been a lot better these past few days in Seoul. We had a good amount of rain, which clears away the pollution. So I took the opportunity to take Yul to the nearby parks at the river. He had a nice time wandering around and looking at bugs. The Han river parks near where we live are a lot less crowded than many others, and have lots of shade from trees, which I’m so grateful for. It’s never easy going anywhere with a toddler and even harder in the summer heat.

Once Hugh is back from Japan we’ll be filming a bunch of stuff. Also I have many comic ideas lined up, just trying to adjust my schedule to fit it all in.

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I’m also on a radio show on tbs eFM called “Real Mom, Real Talk” which you can listen to if you are in Korea on Saturday mornings, or you can listen as a podcast on various podcast sites.

YouTube 100K Silver Play Button

We received our 100K Silver Play Button from YouTube… and Yul helped us unbox it….

Big thank you to all our subscribers!

Whether you recently subscribed or have been with us from the beginning: thank you! It’s been a long road to this milestone but we wanted to do it with with making genuine content and positivity.

If you haven’t yet subscribed head over to the MKH YouTube channel and subscribe, if you’d like to!

As we’ve mentioned, we will be doing YouTube more professionally now that we’ve reached 100K and are currently working out a regular schedule.

Making Bibimbap with Yul

Attempting to make bibimbap with my toddler

Hugh wants to start a cooking/mukbang series with Yul where they try to make and eat lots of different types of Korean food. Now I’m sure that every video is going to a messy disaster, but that’s the fun of it!

In this video they attempt to make bibimbap, but really they are just doing the final stages of assembling it as I’d prepared the ingredients beforehand.

Yul was not very interested in doing his own bowl, but preferred “helping” Daddy. Bibimbap is a great food for kids though as there is a variety of vegetables. You just need to switch out the gochujang for sesame oil and soy sauce instead. Gochujang is traditionally used but is too spicy for young kids.

Often people assume a mukbang means eating a lot of food, but mukbangs aren’t always like that. It’s just eating any food and any quantity. We hope it will be interesting for people to see the type of Korean food Yul eats here in Korea. His tastes vary and he is quite picky about vegetables these days, but hopefully will also be a good way to expand his tastes, as well as bonding with Hugh.

What’s new on our channel?

As we have mentioned recently, we are transitioning to doing YouTube in a more professional sense with a regular schedule. The past few weeks have been hectic with Hugh quitting his job and really starting his own business, but once things settle down we will be setting up our schedule.

It’s also the time for us to experiment a bit with our content. We are still small enough to do that, but big enough to get good feedback and find out what works for us.

Join the conversation over on YouTube and make sure you are subscribed to us. Subscribe here and click the bell icon so you get notified about new videos.

Let’s talk about Marriage

The hardest year of our marriage?

I’ve been wanting to do this video for a few months and finally we had the time to film it. Often online, couples present this really perfect image of their relationship, but of course no relationship is perfect. We wanted to talk realistically about what has been hard in our marriage, in particular what it was like last year.

It’s no surprise that work/life balance, having a baby, and money all impact a marriage a lot. Even being aware of these stressors, it’s difficult going through it. We talk openly about our experience and working through the difficulties of the first year of having a baby.

As we mentioned, Hugh has quit his job and is going free-lance so he is in control of his time and can make family life a priority. We will also be doing a lot more YouTube content, which is great for creativity but also great for spending time together as a family.

I hope us talking openly about this will help people realise that no one has a perfect relationship and that you do have to work on your marriage. Being comfortable enough to talk about issues is important in a relationship. Also, knowing that you can argue and things will be okay.

We also want to be open about the reality of life. We aren’t living some wealthy, high-flying life in Seoul. We have a great life in Seoul, but we don’t want to pretend it’s more awesome than it is. Unfortunately some people do try and project that image on YouTube and Instagram but really their life isn’t as glamorous as it seems.

Let us know what content you’d like to see us make and click the bell icon on YouTube so you get notifications when we upload!

New Video Series

We’ve been doing YouTube part-time and somewhat of a hobby for years now, but now that we’ve reached 100K it’s time to get serious! Well… serious enough to publish regular weekly content.

One series we have started is looking at news and trends from Korea every week. Hugh will pick a few topics in Korean news and we will discuss them. Often what is happening in Korea news and what gets translated internationally can very a lot, so this should give a bit of a glimpse into what people are talking about in Korea.

I’ll also share something from Australia and try to find the weirdest thing that has happened. Usually something weird going on in Australia!

We are going to be doing a lot of experimenting with other videos too, so we can find out what content we like making, and what videos people want to watch. Unfortunately Hugh’s body transformation viral video negatively affects us because we gained a bunch of subscribers interested in fitness and health content, but that’s not what our main content is about. That looks bad in the YouTube algorithm, even though we have great comments on our video, because YouTube is showing our videos to the wrong people. We are trying to flip the balance so that our videos show to people interested in Korea and intercultural content, rather than just…. dudebros… haha.

The Truth about Dating in Korea

We talk about dating in Korea! What is the truth about dating in Korea? While we didn’t date in Korea, we were part of the Korean community in Sydney and of course now live in Korea. And Hugh, being a Korean man, has lots to talk about the dating culture and cultural differences.

What sparked this video is that Keith from Seoulistic has written a book about dating in Korea. He interviewed us about our experiences, and some other people too. Korean dating culture can be difficult to navigate for people who have moved to Korea, so he goes into a lot of detail about important things to know.

You can buy the ebook here, and if you use the coupon code ‘MKH’ you will get $5 off.

Also in our video we talk about some of our experiences navigating cultural differences and we talk about when fetish comes into play and what usually happens. With BTS bringing so much attention to Korea and Korean men there are sure to be some people coming to Korea with unrealistic expectations.

When nonKoreans do start dating in Korea and end up in a serious relationship, there are many cultural things to navigate! Having a guide helps a lot, and I wish I had more info when Hugh and I first starting dating…. back in the stone age.

The worst thing people can do in this situation is not pay attention to cultural differences and assume that “love conquers all”. They may make the mistake of thinking since this person is now their boyfriend and girlfriend that everything is “safe” and they can relax. As we mention in he video, the terms boyfriend and girlfriend may not even mean exactly what we assume in Western countries.

There are a lot more topics in the dating category we can talk about. Especially being an “old married couple” now, we can hopefully give some people some insight into what it takes to have a serious relationship with someone from a different culture.

You can leave questions and comments here, or over on our YouTube channel where most interaction is.

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