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New ‘The Little General’ Episodes

There are new episodes up in my ‘The Little General’ comic series, inspired by our son Yul (who was named after a famous historical general).


Continue reading this episode here.

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Behind the scenes Big Marvel & The Drummer Gordo

My brother was visiting for a few days, so Hugh organized a collab with Big Marvel, since they are both musicians. Big Marvel is a Korean YouTuber who has a huge international following, who we’ve known for a few years. He used to have just a Korean channel but he started again and switched to an international audience and now has over 5 million subscribers. ‘Big Marvel’ is actually a funny, awkward persona he adopts for videos. This video is my vlog of the day. You can see how much time and effort goes into these collab videos that look like just a random performance on the street.

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How to find Kpop fashion? DDP Dongdaemun in Seoul.

In this video we head to HiSeoul Fashion Market which is a shopping event every 3 months and lots of designer clothes are discounted. It’s a great place to find the brands Kpop idols have worn. They helpfully have signs and point out which clothes they are. Hugh and I haven’t had time to go shopping lately, but with this collab video we were able to actually buy some new clothes!

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Summer Picnic in Secret Seoul Spot

This is a video for Emart which is a collab and also part of a competition. Just watching and liking the video counts as points for us. You can also watch it on Emart’s channel here.

If you are in Korea you can also vote for it on the app here.

There are lots of parks in Seoul and lots of great hidden spots. This one is in or near the World Cup Parks. There is a little stream that is great for kids to play in. It was actually my parents who discovered it while they were here, as they go out and explore the parks in Seoul. There was no one there when we went on a week day. Yul is getting big enough to enjoy playing in water so it’s a great place to go, especially as our local outdoor pool is closed for construction this summer.

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This past weekend we did 2 livestreams at the DIA festival. DIA is the big MCN (network) for YouTubers here in Korea. We are not part of it as we don’t need (or want) to be part of a network, but we are part of SBA (Seoul Business Agency) and Hugh does work for them. We livestreamed for SBA at the festival twice with our friends Hoju Sara and Michin Alex. The first topic was international relationships and the second was the topic ‘Almost Korean’. Stay tuned for more content with Sara and Alex too!


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Thank you to our NICU nurses

Yul was born 6 weeks (almost 7 weeks) early and was in the NICU for a month. The NICU nurses did such a good job of taking care of him, and I wanted to show them how he looks now and how well he is doing. So we made this video that hopefully they will see.  At first I was thinking of going to the NICU to take some photos to them, but I thought maybe not all of them will get to see them, or I may not even be able to go in as rules are pretty strict there (for good reason). Also a video like this can be a way of thanking all NICU nurses.

While he was in the NICU it was a very difficult time. I had the emergency c-section and then went home without a baby… there were some days that I cried for hours. I was also pumping every 3 hours so I had milk to take to the hospital for him. I think I’ve blocked most of those feelings out of my mind, but looking at this footage, it all came back. We could usually only see him for about 30 minutes a day, and it was heartbreaking. It was so hard for us to have a baby and then to not be able to even hold him yet, it was difficult.

Modern medicine is amazing though, and babies born a lot earlier than Yul can now survive and do well. I wanted to publicly recognize how important everyone working in the NICU is. But in particular I wanted to highlight how important the nurses are. Doctors are amazing of course, but we didn’t see them much and it was the nurses we came to know. When the majority of nurses are usually women, their work can be undervalued, especially in the way that care of babies and children is undervalued in society. So this video is to show how important they are and to thank them for their work.

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Korean Appa Videos

Here are the most recent videos from the ‘Korean Appa’ channel, which is Hugh’s channel. These days he is posting videos of him and Yul.

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