White Christian Girl? – Ask Korean Guys 6

We often get questions about whether Korean guys date certain types of girls but in most cases it all comes down to individual circumstances. This question was a little bit easier to talk about though, and Hugh and Han talk about the biggest religions in Korea.

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Any Clothes 10

Any clothes

He was wearing his gross army jacket and underwear….

You know those mornings where there are no decent clothes to wear and you throw on anything?

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Look After The Shop 13

Look after the shop

And that’s how I get out of looking after the shop. They wouldn’t really put me in charge of serving rowdy kids and drunken ahjussis anyway.

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Jinju Lantern Festival 3

Here is our full video of the Jinju Lantern festival!

And today’s vlog:

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Organise my phone 12

Organise my phone

Okay so I did do a comic today. My arm is a bit better and this was very quick to do. Clash of personalities! In some aspects of life I am organised but I really don’t care when it comes to my phone… or my laptop. I’m very unorganised and it drives him crazy sometimes. He took it upon himself to organise my phone (and clear a lot of crap off it because it was so slow) and so now it makes sense… but I’m still used to my really weird methods and now I can’t find anything.

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Update and Vlog 2

Hey guys, I’ve got problems with my arm again so unable to draw right now, that’s why there wasn’t a comic today and there may not be one tomorrow. But there is a vlog!

Also, Wednesday video may be up on Thursday instead due to the large amount of editing required. I will try to vlog tomorrow though.

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CoC – Revenge and Fanmail 8

Also on the vlogging channel:

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Les Misérables Time 7

les miserables time

Late night Les Misérables singing. Obviously I’m really good at remembering lyrics.

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Vlog: With Evan and Rachel 0

Most people that vlog about living in Korea live in Seoul or bigger cities. Evan and Rachel live not too far from us and understand how different it is to live somewhere that isn’t Seoul. We got to hang out with them in Jinju, which was really fun. Hopefully we’ll film some collaborations later on!

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Ask Korean Guys – Pros and Cons of Korean Countryside 3

Hugh and Daniel talk about just a few pros and cons about living in the Korean countryside. Daniel is a Seoul boy so has only recently experienced countryside living.

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Wedgie 14


Do you call it a wedgie in your country? When you yank someone’s underwear up? Apparently still can’t escape them in adult life.

This happened in yesterday’s vlog, but I filmed right after it happened, not when it happened.

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Also the stolen video problem has been resolved. YouTube shut down that channel that was stealing videos from vloggers.

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Slow Day 4

Slow Day

But there are so many gifs……

Today was such a slow day. You know those days where you do everything so slowly and everything is distracting?

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Happy Hangeul Day 0


Happy Hangeul Day!

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Nice Spelling 6

Nice Spelling

He has an email address like “Korai123″ that was his spelling of Korea back before he could speak English. Because he edits and exports the videos, he also names the files and there are many interesting names and spellings…

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What a nice!… Rice Paper Rolls 4

Also check out yesterday’s vlog! You gotta subscribe if you want to see these as soon as they are uploaded!

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