Weird stuff people say to us 0

We try to focus on positive stuff but after being online for several years we thought we’d talk about some of the weird or mean comments we sometimes get, as well as what some people say in real life. We also wanted to give a space to other international/interracial married couples to talk about their experiences too. People usually comment more on YouTube to head over there to join the discussion.

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Getting Old 2

Getting Old

People already love to judge the looks of interracial couples more than other couples and there can be extra scrutiny as we age. Caucasians in general seem to show the signs of aging earlier. There are plenty of jokes and memes online about the slower aging process of Asians but it is something you can start to see in your own life. Hugh still gets mistaken for someone 10 years younger than he really is, whereas I never would be. (Hugh is also older than me).

As with most comics this was a very real conversation we had in a lighthearted manner. The conversation continued with me lamenting my white genes, to which Hugh responded, “But you guys (white people) dominate everything, so don’t complain. That’s your punishment”. Hugh likes to get the white privilege jokes in haha.

I’ve been on some strong medication for health problems (Endo) which I feel is doing damage to my body and I feel like I can see it in my face. My mother looks amazing for her age so I hope I have some of those genetics to balance out what illness does to me.

For those also in interracial marriages: Do you get unnecessary comparison comments about your appearance?

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Terrified by Virtual Reality 0

Hugh and Joel try out VR in Hongdae in Seoul. It’s about 6,000 won for 20 minutes if you are looking to have the pants scared off you.

Have you tried something like this?

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Nicholalala Webtoon episode: Dating Website 0

Nicholalala gwishinREAD THE FULL EPISODE HERE!

This is another story within the webtoon. Will the Gwishin finally find love? Let me know what you’d like to see happen! Don’t forget to comment over on WEBTOONS and like, share and rate the webtoon.

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Seoul Life – Kpop Rivalry 0

In this Seoul Life Hugh reveals his favourite Kpop group… but it’s different to who I like. Shock! Horror! We also answer some of your questions.

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What to do on a Korean public holiday 3

We went to the Han river with a bunch of our friends. Han and Sophie and Alice have moved back to Korea! It’s awesome to be able to see them regularly. (Sophie’s blog about raising a bilingual child is here).

We also went with with Hyunwoo and his wife Mikyung and their son Joon. Also our friend Megan Bowen (on YouTube Chonunmigooksaram) came as well. We all live in a similar area in Seoul, so it’s great to be able to spend time together like this. It was a public holiday so there were so many people in the parks at the river, but it was a lot of fun. It’s so nice to see Joon and Alice playing together!


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Snapshot of my day – Hapejong Life 0

Snapshot of my day video up on the Nicholalala YouTube channel. These videos are small glimpses into a normal day for us.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Ghosting 0

ghostingPlease comment and like over at WEBTOONS HERE!

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Megan Bowen took us to Huggers, a vegan burger place, in Itaewon. The burgers were delicious. We are not vegans ourselves, but do try to cut down on meat consumption. Hugh really enjoyed his chili tofu burger, so I want to try and make it at home too.

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Hangeul Day 4

Hangeul Day

Happy Hangeul Day! (Also can be spelled “Hangul”). Hangeul is the Korean alphabet and Koreans are very proud of it, for good reason. I recommend reading about the creation of Hangeul.

When you first start learning Korean and discover how relatively easy the writing system is, it’s wonderful! Until you realise how hard Korean grammar is!

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Hugh tries drag makeup 0

This was really fun! You can see how apprehensive Hugh was, but something changed once he had all the makeup. He will definitely try it again sometime. He really didn’t know that much about drag before this experience so he learned a lot. It’s not that common in Korea but is getting more exposure in Seoul.

Check out Rose and Antoine on their channel here.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Acquired Taste 0


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I was so happy that mosquitoes didn’t bother me in Korea, but something has changed…

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Seoul Life: Kimchi Delivery 0

In this Seoul Life video we get a delivery of Kimchi, we go back to the countryside for Chuseok, see Andra Day in concert and catch up with a friend who is having a break from Military service!



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Korean Englishman Farm Visit Behind the Scenes 2

When Josh, Ollie and Joel needed a farm to film on, we were only too happy to volunteer. It also gave us the chance to head back to the countryside for a weekend.

The Korean Englishman channel is HUGE in Korea. It was school holidays when they visited, but I’ve been giggled to myself seeing some comments from local high school students who now realise that Josh and Ollie and Joel were right near their school but they didn’t know!

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Can’t Wait 0


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