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Saturday Night Live Korea

saturday night live korea

Okay to put this in context, South Korean TV is quite conservative so he likes Saturday Night Live Korea because it’s less conservative…. not because he likes lots of dirty jokes.

My husband is pretty used to Western humour and comedy that is a bit more risqué so he can find Korean TV shows a bit stifling sometimes.

Although Korean TV is conservative, Korean movies seems to be a different story though. The movie Sex is Zero seriously shocked me! Have you seen it? Many Korean movies are just in a whole different category…

As for TV, perhaps it’s changing now. I don’t think my husband wants really sexual or offensive things all over the TV, but I think he likes that comedians are given a bit more freedom on Saturday Night Live.

Hot Cross Buns

hot cross buns

Have you had hot cross buns before? Around Easter they are everywhere here. They are for Easter so obviously those that live somewhere that doesn’t celebrate Easter is unlikely to eat them…. but I think the also USA isn’t as big on them as much the UK and Australia is. According to Wikipedia Australia is one of the only countries to make chocolate hot cross buns ones as well as the normal ones.

My husband loves the chocolate ones. He saw them in the supermarket a month ago but I didn’t let him buy them because it was too early. He bought them yesterday and was pretty excited. The chocolate ones are nice but I think I prefer the original ones. I’ve also seen on some commercials there are sticky date ones available now, but I haven’t tried those ones yet.

We aren’t having an Easter dinner with my family this year unfortunately. Normally we all come together for the Easter weekend but my parents get back from Japan Saturday night and my husband is working over the weekend. We’ll have to do something just by ourselves on Sunday night I think… and give each other lots of chocolate eggs. Yay! Chocolate!

Bad Timing

Bad Timing

Oops… that was just bad timing. If I vomited every time he was naked I’d be vomiting an awful lot.

So this comic was supposed to be up yesterday BUT I actually got very very sick 🙁

We went to a medical centre and I was given an injection and some more medicine. Unfortunately I had a bad reaction to the injection and we ended up in the hospital emergency room. So most of yesterday was spent in waiting rooms while I was not well at all. My beautiful husband was so patient and caring and completely wonderful all of yesterday and I know this is sappy but I just appreciate him so much.

I’m feeling much better today as the bad reaction has worn off and the doctor says the virus that I have should be gone soon. So yeah, that’s why there was no new comic yesterday.

My Australian Wife #4

His turn again.

Australian wife 8

The moral of the story is that when you can’t find something, you should get upset and lay face first on your bed crying- then you’ll find it! Not sure what my Wacom tablet was doing down the side of the bed.

As many of you know, I was quite sick yesterday and that’s why there wasn’t a new comic. I’m feeling a bit better today but still not 100%. I’m hoping I’m on the mend though because I hate being this kind of sick: very weak and nauseated. Korean friends and family have been asking if I’m pregnant. Definitely not haha. It’s something I’ve had before which is exacerbated by other health problems. But let’s hope I’m back to normal very soon.

Girls’ Generation Giveaway


Girls’ Generation Giveaway! I have a mini pencil/makeup case thing and a fold-out booklet with 4 mini note pads.girls' generation giveaway1

girls' generation giveaway2

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment in the comments section. A winner will be picked randomly in about 2 weeks.

Also don’t forget to like the My Korean Husband Facebook Page, or follow on Twitter, or Tumblr.

No Flowers

No Flowers

So basically he judges how good a present is by whether you can eat it or not.

It wasn’t even kimchi in a proper container, it was just one of the refill ones in a plastic bag! I think he was just grocery shopping on the way to the train station, then realised once he was there that he didn’t have flowers or anything for me so was like, “Oh yes, I bought this kimchi especially for you!”

T.O.P and Stickers Giveaways Winners

For the Hangul Stickers Giveaway the winner is: Carolyn Raines. The question was what do you want to do with these stickers and her answer was:

I’m taking a Korean Language class and I NEED these to impress my classmates! Maybe I will share them as well……if I take home the prize. So Cute…….

Study hard!

So for the T.O.P giveaway I asked what you thought T.O.P did in his spare time. It’s hard to pick just one answer, and a lot of people gave some detailed answers and read through them all. It was difficult to choose but I really liked this one from pretty please with this comment:

i think he works on music which sounds really different from BIGBANG. like we all know he is into Ray Charles, and YG gave him some sort of music machine (i don’t remember what it was) to help him compose after he worked on “A Good Man.” I think T.O.P works on sort of jazzy music with really deep & poetic lyrics…and he’s waiting to release them because it doesn’t fit with his BIGBANG image or because he seems to write really personal lyrics, and perhaps he needs some more time before he feels ready to perform them. artist!TOP will remain a mystery to the public until he finally releases his solo album (probably 20 years from now…gosh, I hope I’m kidding!) but i honestly think rapping is in his blood and he’s always working on new stuff. it’s just only a select few get to hear that now.

I hope that actually happens!

Could the winners please email me at [email protected] to claim your prizes. For everyone else, a new giveaway will be up soon!

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