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Snapshot of my Day- Han river in the evening

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Hugh has been so excited about Mexican culture lately (renewed enthusiasm for learning Spanish) but unfortunately he discovered he doesn’t like sour Mexican candy. He really doesn’t like anything sour, but I liked it!

It’s been a more quiet week, but Hugh still managed plenty of socializing. I made many trips to the convenience store to buy Australian Lemon, Lime and Bitters, and still managed to always miss seeing the famous people coming out of YG Entertainment.

Intercultural Confessions Challenge

We thought up this challenge because after being married for several years I think we are comfortable confessing to some secrets or how we feel about some things in each other’s cultures. And I guess the challenge is not to descend into an argument! Haha! What food do we not like? What do we think is weird? What did we lie about?

We’d love to see some other couples do this challenge.


Too Hot


Too Hot

Worst summer ever! It’s been such a hot summer and we’ve been unable to do so many things we want to because of the heat and the humidity. Although I’m used to hot weather in Australia, Australian homes usually have air conditioners that cool down the whole house but Korean homes tend to just have air con in one room so most of the house can still be so hot. Also… no swimming culture. The heat has made me a bit sick lately, and sleep deprived as it’s too hot to sleep well. Hugh has been dealing with the heat by laying still while naked.

We do get warning messages on our phones about the heat, as well as other times there is any slight danger, like too much rain or fog. At first these messages would freak me out. Is North Korea invading??? But usually it’s nothing much.


Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Foreigner


In this episode I reference that Korea used to be a hermit kingdom. This has fascinated me for a while, especially when you read the stories of Europeans who were shipwrecked and not allowed to leave. We know of the men who managed to eventually escape, but I wonder how many didn’t and were lost to history…

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Snapshot of my Day

Video up on the Nicholalala channel. A quick snapshot of my day.

Seoul Life – Englishmen Visitors and a Wedding

I’m sure many people know who Josh and Ollie are, from the Korean Englishman YouTube channel, and if you don’t, I’m sure you’ve stumbled across one of their insanely popular videos at some point. Hugh’s good friend Joel is also in some of their videos and contacted Hugh because they wanted to film on a farm. Oh, we have a farm! So we headed back to the countryside so the boys could film in Hugh’s village. We will have a video of some of the behind the scenes stuff up later, once their farm videos come out. But for now, here is a sneak peek.

We complain more about the heat also. I wanted to point out that it’s almost impossible to keep air con on constantly in Korea. Hugh was telling me that there is an outdated law from the 1970’s where electricity bills double and then triple for people, but businesses are exempt. So Korean homes can be very hot in the summer because people try to rely on fans rather than constant air con. It has been way more uncomfortable than in Australia.

In this video we also talked about the yellow dust pollution and how it affects Hugh more. I do have a theory why: Hugh’s father used to be a smoker so Hugh grew up around a lot more cigarette smoke than me so maybe that’s why, because his throat and lungs have already been compromised, even though Hugh is not a smoker himself. In comparison, I have had very little exposure to smoke my whole life.

We also attend Cory and Marie’s wedding. It was a lovely wedding, and even in the heat, we had so much fun.

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