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Learning Spanish with Kpop? 0

In this video we are joined by our friends Double Trouble en Corea, who teach Hugh some Spanish (with the help of some BIGBANG songs in Spanish too). Hugh has been wanting to learn Spanish for a long time, and he is slowly picking up some words and phrases.

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Discussing Foreign Wives in Korea 0

In this video we talk about these types of messages that we get where women are asking us to help them find a Korean husband. People sometimes assume that it must be Kpop fangirls, but there is something much more serious going on. We talk about the arranged marriage industry in Korea and all the problems that have stemmed from it.

There are so many aspects of this topic that we can’t cover in one video, so please understand that if we miss something important it’s not that we aren’t aware of it, it’s just hard to cover everything. We are also aware of our own privilege, of Hugh being a Korean man and me being a western woman in Korea. We want to be as sympathetic and understanding as possible and realise this is a really complicated issue. If we offend, it’s completely unintended. We do also have more exposure to these types of situations than those living in cities. Even within Hugh’s own family there were foreign wives that ran away, some of our neighbors were those abusive families, but also some positive stories from our area as well. We know things are getting better, but still more needs to be done for multiculturalism in Korea and for families like this.

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Bus BTS 1


This BTS song is Hugh’s favourite song at the moment and he whispers it in my ear whenever he can. The lyric translation is “burn it up”. Kinda creepy!

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Annoying Things 0

Annoying things


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Snapshot of my day: Chuseok 0

I filmed a snapshot of my day video on Chuseok. We traveled back to the countryside for it. There was the ancestral rites memorial for deceased family members in the morning, then lots of food, relaxing and visits from family. I put on my hanbok to do a big bow to Hugh’s parents and we took the opportunity to take some photos in a field of flowers near the village.

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Ghosts and Korean Folklore 0

This was a very spur of the moment video. We were showing a friend around the village and started talking about ghosts so I filmed a bit with my phone. We covered only a few ghost stories in this area as there are many more. There are many falling down, creepy houses too. Although I make a webtoon that has ghosts and supernatural beings, I’m actually quite a skeptical person and take these stories with a grain of salt. (But I mean… Of course all the characters in the Nicholalala webtoon are real!!! haha).

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Seoul Life: Google Campus and Interviews 0

Han and Sophie and Alice, who have previously been in our videos, have moved back to Korea! They are living not too far from us and it’s wonderful to have them in Korea. In this video I have some little clips from hanging out with them (though Sophie is off camera here) and also we visited Google Campus in Seoul. We also had some meetings and radio interviews and some last minute packing for heading back to the countryside for Chuseok.

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Nicholalala Webtoon episode: Zombie 0


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Earthquake in Korea? 0

This literally just happened tonight and we were so surprised. It’s rare to get an earthquake in Korea and apparently this was the biggest one that has ever happened. There seems to be some minor damage around and some injuries reported at this time. The biggest shock was not knowing what we should do if there is a bigger one. There are no procedures or safety regulations in Korea. We don’t expect earthquake here. There isn’t preparation for what to do and buildings can be so much older when compared to Japan that has new buildings that withstand earthquakes. It’s still early but news outlets are reporting that Korea may no longer be in the safe zone when it comes to earthquakes. The news is reporting there may be more aftershocks too.

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We didn’t have much food in the house today and usually we order groceries online, so we thought it was the perfect time to review some convenience store lunchboxes again. It’s definitely a growing market in Korea. For years there has been the triangle gimbap and instant ramen available in convenience stores but the option of having a proper meal for a cheap price is really appealing to a lot of people.

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Snapshot of my day: Google Campus 0

New Snapshot of my Day video up on the Nicholalala YouTube channel.

I ususally present these without much information, but happy to answer questions!

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Hugh’s Vlog: Hongdae Night Life 0

We’ve mentioned before that Hugh is a social butterfly and has many friends. He recently vlogged a night out and it gives a glimpse into the dynamic Hongdae night life. This was a Monday night!

I wasn’t feeling that well so I stayed home… we have Netflix now! Anyway in this video you can see the Korean style night life of moving from place to place all night. Restaurants, bars, street food etc.

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Before Interview 0

Before Interview

Hugh wavers between being loud and outgoing and then shy and reserved when doing interviews in English. He actually ended up being more outgoing in this interview, but not quite like his performance just before it.

Radio interviews always seems to come in groups. It will be months and months without any and then suddenly we have a whole bunch lined up. We did one with Asian Pop radio recently and have one with Arirang coming up and something with our local area in Seoul.

(And yes he wasn’t wearing clothes during the interview).


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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Wish 0


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In this episode we film with other YouTubers, Hugh goes to the soccer, we go to SeoulTube, talk about if people stare at us and WHY DOES THE SIGN STILL HAVE PLASTIC ON IT? (Watch to see what I’m talking about).

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