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All Nighter 2

All Nighter

Korean society really caters to people staying out all night. There are many restaurants that are open all night and things to do well into the early hours of the morning, like noraebang (karaoke). Because we live in the countryside we either have to make sure we get the last bus at 11pm from Jinju or stay out all night. There is the option of getting a taxi, but it’s about $20 and that just seems like too much in Korea (though the same trip in Australia would be about $60!).

Hugh is not as young as he once was though, and all nighters can catch up on him, though he does a lot better than I do. I’m amazed when he comes home at 8am and then has to help his parents on the farm right away.

Lots of people have huge nights and go straight to work in the morning in Korea as well, though of course there may be consequences… like Hugh’s friend who is a hairdresser and was still drunk in the morning when she went to work and managed to cut her own fingers. Don’t think I’ll get her to cut my hair.

Due to my health problems and constant battling with fatigue, it is a part of Korea that I find difficult to keep up with. When you go out with friends for dinner, it’s not like in Australia where you have dinner and drinks and then can be home by 10pm! Instead, in Korea, you don’t just go to one restaurant, it’s normal to go to 3 or 4 and to stay out really late. I sometimes have to avoid social situations simply because I know I will be wrecked for days if I spend that much time out.

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Nicholalala Webtoon episode: Sock 5

It’s Tuesday! That means new episode of Nicholalala!

Sock Monster


Some of you probably saw this one on the Challenge League part of the site first. I’m trying to intersperse the older episodes with new episodes and next week will be a new new episode.

It really helps me out if you like, share or comment. You can also give me a rating here. You guys have kept me in the top 10 of the Slice of Life category which is awesome! Thank you!

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I’m Fine Thank you AND YOU? 3

This week’s Commenting on Comments:

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Shave 16


Sometimes I don’t notice things…

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Are you in love with a Kpop star? 13

This video is probably not for a lot of our audience. But I hope some people find it helpful. I just wanted to create a resource and safe place to talk about this. It’s easy to dismiss teenage love and admiration and it’s often the butt of jokes. I wanted to use my own experiences to give some advice and help those that feel that their Kpop obsession is getting a bit out of control.

There was a lot I had to cut from the video because it was so long. It’s still really long though (Hugh complained when editing). I also wanted to talk about the problem with some entertainment companies that promote their stars in a way that sends a message of availability to young fans. That’s a big problem in Kpop and it fuels this obsessiveness. There are a lot of high profile stars who definitely have girlfriends but it’s kept hidden.

I also wanted to let young girls know that although all the guys they know in real life are probably idiots they don’t want to date… it won’t always be like that. Those idiots grow up and mature – they get better looking as well! I would have hated my husband if I had met him at 16. Anyway you’ll get older, you’ll meet cool guys, nice guys, sweet guys, handsome guys and you’ll find that you have less space in your life for an obsession with a celebrity. In fact, the normal guys you’ll meet in real life will probably end up being a way better boyfriend than a Kpop star can be. Kpop stars don’t live a normal life, especially when they started training at such a young age, and they miss out on a lot of normal experiences that can stunt them emotionally (sorry to any Kpop stars reading this!) Any relationship with a celebrity is going to be riddled with extra complications and in hindsight you are going to be glad that your teenage dreams didn’t come true, because life can get so much better than you know.

Finally, if you feel like your obsession is more than just an obsession and is combined with depression as well, please seek help.

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My brother bucket drumming (and Alice) 3

While we were in Sydney last month I stopped by Pitt Street Mall with Sophie and Alice to see my brother busking.

You can see the interview I did with him here:

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Back in the 80’s 2

In this week’s Commenting on Comments we talk about South Korea in the 80’s and how to apply BB cream???

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Typhoon 9


There’s been some typhoon-y weather lately but no damage around here. This comic idea is actually from Sara from SeoulSarang, who imagined Hugh saying “Typhoon is coming” in a Game of Thrones way. I decided the logical conclusion was to go put a rain jacket on.

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Nicholalala Webtoon: Bus 3

New episode of the Nicholalala webtoon is up over on Line Webtoon!

Nicholalala Webtoon Bus

Read the rest of the webtoon HERE.

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Also, please always read the webtoon on Line Webtoon, either on the site or the app, not other sites. If my webtoon appears on any other sites it means it has been stolen and they are using my work without paying me… which sucks for me! I want to continue making webtoons and art in the future but it makes it harder when people steal my work.



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Learning English in Korean Schools 3

In this Ask Korean Guys, Han and Hugh talk about learning English in Korean schools. Han talks about that really helped his English when he came to Australia. Alice also has a cameo.

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Kpop Subway 11

Kpop Subway

If it’s YG Entertainment biased, I know exactly what they are talking about! I’m up to date on that news! Usually I tune out the Korean I hear around me in public, but I could follow this conversation!

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Showing Skin? 4

New Commenting on Comments! We talk about some more reverse culture shock, showing skin depending on culture, and toilet paper again!

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Motel TV 5

Motel TV

So much watching people eat on Korean TV.

We’ve been in Seoul for another project and got home last night. Will be trying to catch up on videos and comics over the weekend. (Fingers crossed, still dealing with some health issues).

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Nicholalala Webtoon: Paint 2

New Nicholalala episode up on Line Webtoon.



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(Update: we’ve been in Seoul for a few days for another project and only just got home. New videos and comics coming soon!)

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Itaewon, Bread and SeoulSarang 0

New vlog up:

It was really interesting to go to Itaewon because we hadn’t been there in a long time. Also, it was awesome to meet Sara. Yay Aussie girls! Check out her video with us HERE.

We’ll be doing some more videos with her later :)

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