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Squid Breath 4

Squid Breath

To be fair, he had been eating fresh squid, not dried squid, which doesn’t have the same strong smell. But if I had just been eating mac and cheese he’d be insisting I brush my teeth.

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This is what we did on my birthday. We just planned to go for a wander and ended up walking through these parks, World Cup Park and Haneul Sky Park. Wonderful place for couples to go on romantic dates because the area is so large, it’s not crowded at all. LOVE IS THE MOMENNNTTT!!! (That’s from a cheesy song from the ridiculous Korean drama The Heirs).

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Butt 2

Nicholalala Webtoon Butt


This is probably my most immature episode so far… haha. Thank you guys for the likes, shares, comments and rating. It really helps me a lot. LINE Webtoon is one of the only sites that pays and supports artists, so by reading webtoons on LINE Webtoon and not the sites that steal mangas and webtoons, you are directly helping artists.

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New vlog: Filming at EYK Studio and in Hongdae 2

While in Seoul we’ve been working as normal so we don’t actually get to go out that often. If I vlogged everyday it would be just boring footage of us working on laptops haha. On this day we went and filmed in the Eat Your Kimchi studio as Simon and Martina very nicely let us use it and we got to do some stuff in Hongedae.

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Hair Model 6

Hair Model

It was my birthday yesterday! One of my presents was a new straightener/styler but because it’s monsoon season I can’t really do much at the moment. The humidity is so bad in Korea at the moment and my poor white girl hair can’t handle it. It frizzes immediately. So instead I used it on Hugh’s hair and gave him wonderful Kpop hair.

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It’s great to do videos with Jongdae because he is much younger than Hugh, Daniel and Han, AND he hasn’t done his military service yet, so he gives another perspective. If you have more questions for him, please leave them in the comment section!

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Totes 8


Slang can be totes hard!

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Mosquito 4

Nicholalala Mosquito


Nicholalala Webtoons always have a grain of truth that I expand on and in this episode I wonder about the secret life of mosquitoes. Thank you everyone for the likes, shares, comments and the nice rating! I really appreciate it. When you read webtoons on LINE Webtoon you are supporting one of the only sites that actually supports artists. If you ever see the Nicholalala webtoon on other sites, please know that it is stolen. Please only read on LINE Webtoon.


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Sunny 6


Okay, it really was Sunny from Girls’ Generation! One second later and Hugh disappeared into the crowd of mostly guys. There is a lot of celebrity stuff in the area of Seoul we are staying in because all the big media companies are here.

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KOREA: Dating and Marriage 11

We get many many emails from girls from around the world who have started relationships with Korean guys online and have expected a serious relationship and are distraught when it doesn’t turn out like that. We also get worrying emails from girls who say their online boyfriend – who they have never met – is usually sweet to them but sometimes he makes her uncomfortable or pressures her (with sexual questions) or is bad in some way. To Hugh, it’s very obvious that the Korean guy is just messing with the girl and doesn’t view it seriously at all, but it’s very hard to answer this emails and know that the girl’s heart is probably breaking. So that’s why we want to just warn people in the first place. We always want to make positive videos about international relationships, but we also need to stress that not every relationship is healthy, especially ones with someone they have never met and where the glossy, glitzy world of Kpop and Kdramas has blinded someone from seeing the truth. It got to the point where we needed to address it in a video. I also get messages from girls asking how they can find a Korean husband and the guy being Korean is the most important to them. Hugh secretly frequents chatrooms and conversations online where people from around the world are interested in Korea and sees a lot of people with very idealized views of Korean men and this can manifest in bad ways like hating Korean women and then getting into bad and sometimes dangerous relationships.

It’s very difficult to talk about the stigma of single mothers in Korea… because it sucks… it’s very slowly changing, but it can be very confronting when you realise how deeply ingrained this stigma is. As the world changes and Koreans travel more and live in other countries, there are a lot more babies born out of wedlock but unfortunately the women can be unaware of how it is viewed in Korea. That’s why we want to urge people to be so careful. In Korea it’s still so important to do things the traditional way of getting parents’ approval before getting married and being married before any pregnancy takes place. As Hugh has mentioned before, there is a lack of sex education in Korea, so don’t expect a guy to have protection. Be careful in situations that could lead to an unexpected pregnancy. It could end up being way more difficult than you imagined.

I do also get asked questions from single mothers who are interested in a Korean man in particular and are concerned because they already had children. It depends on the individual, but the social stigma can play a big part, even if they are not in Korea. So in general it’s much harder for single mothers to pursue relationships with Korean men unfortunately. It wasn’t that long ago in western culture that there was a huge stigma as well and to this day there is so much inequality in regards to single parents. Think about how single fathers are lauded for trying so hard for their children and are forgiven for mistakes, while single mothers have terrible assumptions made about them and are held way more accountable. Before judging Korea too harshly we can look at the problems in our own cultures too.

I also wanted to clarify that when we talked about prostitution, we don’t want to put down sex workers because we realise how much sexism and inequality lead to this huge industry. We are definitely of the opinion of legalising and better conditions for sex workers and that Korea should be addressing and stopping sex trafficking and all the problems that are in this huge industry that people turn a blind eye to.

Many many topics come under the broad umbrella of Dating and Marriage, so please let us know if there is one you want us to talk about in particular.

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VLOG: Seoul and food 4

Whenever we are in Seoul we try to eat lots of food that we can’t get in the countryside. It was so nice to have pad thai! Peter also has a radio show on SBS PopAsia that you can check out!

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Crossed Wires 8

Crossed Wires

I’m used to kilos, so seeing a weight in pounds makes no sense to me and I definitely can’t convert that in my head! (Thank you Google).

In normal conversation we don’t really have trouble understanding each other, but when either of us is muttering there can be some interesting interpretations.

For those that don’t know, we are in Seoul for a month house-sitting (and pet-sitting) for our friends (Eat Your Kimchi) while they do a tour in North America. Which is why Hugh is sitting on a sofa and I was randomly weighing myself, because we don’t have scales (or a sofa) at home.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Missing 1

Nicholalala Webtoon Missing

Where do hair elastics go to?


Thank you everyone for liking, sharing and commenting! And of course for giving me a good rating. I really appreciate it!

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Double Tap 8

Double Tap

He has over 4,000 followers… I’m sure one of them will like his photos…

He also gets obsessed with how many followers he has and if people have unfollowed. Not in a serious way but enough that it annoys me! Instagram numbers change a lot due to bugs, glitches or Instagram cleaning out fake accounts so it’s pointless to look at numbers too closely, but he’ll be like “4 people unfollowed me”. Meanwhile I’ve got no idea how many people are following the main blog instagram…

If you do want to boost his numbers you can follow him HERE. haha…

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Seoul Day Trip with SeoulSarang for 5

Not long ago we filmed with Sara from the YouTube channel SeoulSarang for the Korean We had a busy and fun-filled day in Seoul together where we were shown lots of the attractions in Seoul. They filmed us during the day and we both wrote articles for the magazine.

You can check out their video on the site here, or down below.

호텔스닷컴 추천 국내여행 서울가볼만한 곳 남산타워부터 이태원까지 (Full)

호텔스닷컴 트렌디 여행매거진 PATH
서울가볼만한 여행지추천을 위해 호주 유튜버 사라와 니콜라가 떴다!
외국인도 추천하는 국내여행 코스! 남산부터 이태원까지. 호텔스닷컴과 함께하는 국내여행 PATH~
한복입고 남산한옥마을 가기, 남산타워 가는길, 이태원맛집 들을 소개합니다!

We also made a video about the day:

Make sure you check out Sara’s video as well. Although she is Australian, she makes her videos in Korean (with English subs). She is amazing! I’m really glad that I got to film with her.

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