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Mr Gwon Time – Farm Work 0

(Click captions for English subtitles)

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Carrying Watermelon 3

Carrying Watermelon

Should have known that would happen…


The reason why we missed 2 comics this week is because I got “tennis elbow” from too much drawing and painting and had to rest it for a few days.

Mr Gwon Time will also be up very soon and we are editing another video that will be up instead of Ask Korean Guys later today.

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Don’t want to 15

Don't want to

This happens all the time. He can be so stubborn about watching certain movies and always thinks he won’t like them, but always does. Because I know him well! Also a hypocrite when he says some movies are for babies, but still has “Do you want to build a snowman” as his ringtone.

I don’t know if there will be a comic tomorrow. Even this one was hard to draw because I’m starting to get “tennis elbow”, so my elbow is quite sore and I need to rest it. I’ve done too much work lately and have damaged it. Sorry guys!

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CoC – Korean dramas, Learning Korean and Rainy Day 3

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Getting a Plate 5

Getting a plate

You’ve probably seen this in Korean dramas. The scene where the guy comes up behind the girl to help or get something and it means their bodies can get really close! Ohhh tension!

Not so sexy when parents-in-law are right near you.

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Recommendations 8

Hey guys! This post is just for sharing a few things with you. I might make it a regular thing. For this one I’m showing you a blog, music and food. All have something to do with Korea.

First up, check out the blog Dom & Hyo.

Dom & HyoThis is a blog featuring fun webtoons about an American guy and Korean gal and their experiences as a multicultural couple. They have been together for a little over 3 years and have plenty of fun stories to tell. Dom has been living in Korea for almost 5 years and met Hyo while trying to learn Korean in his second year of living in the country. They also do fun and comics about Korean life, language, culture, and food. Check them out!

We’ve also met them before and they are lovely!

Next up: New music! Check out Henry Bloomfield’s new music video:

This is what Henry had to say about this MV: “I shot it with “Roll the Dice Pictures,” a film company based out of Seoul (director Nick Neon, producers Raoul Dyssell and Allan Choi). I made “Ms. Mary” with them as well. We shot it close to Ewha University in an abandoned neighborhood. The location was beautiful and haunting, with so many left-behind items from used-to-be homes strewn about everywhere. The song, which explores the notion of leaving a place that feels like paradise so that its “perfect” image will forever be preserved, seemed to echo very naturally within this place that was so clearly ripe with memories.”

And finally, food!

You’ve heard me complain about bread in Korea. There are too many bakeries in Korea that use something French in their title but only sell gross sweet or tasteless bread. Charlotte, who you might have seen in some videos, let us know about this bakery Paul and Paulina and it is amazing! We’ve been to the one in Hongdae but I think there are a few other locations in Seoul. Some of the best bread I’ve ever had. When I bring this bread back to the countryside I have to ration it carefully. Right now I’m all out :(

What things are you recommending at the moment? Let us know in the comment section!

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Ask Korean Guys – Dream Holiday 3

Han and Hugh talk about where they would like to go on an all expenses paid holiday. Baby Alice also helps out.

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Problem in Korean Dramas 32

Problem in Korean dramas

I love Korean dramas but this is a pet peeve of mine. They will have a character who is supposed to be Korean American arrive in Korea and this person has either not been in Korea since they were a child OR have never been to Korea! But they have a Korean Korean actor play them and there is almost no reference to the cultural and language problems they would likely have. Apparently it’s cool to have a Korean American character but lazy writers won’t give them any more character development. Or even let a Korean American play the character. Koreans that grew up in other countries need better representation in dramas. I’ve seen lots of Korean Americans, or Korean Australians etc, talk about how difficult it can be to come to Korea. People can usually recognise that they didn’t grow up in Korea just by how they look. I’ve heard them be called, “dark-haired foreigners” because so much about them can be different. But at the same time they may not be allowed the same understanding an obviously foreign looking person gets when it comes to fitting into society because they still look Korean enough.

And then there are always the terrible scenes where this actor has to speak English and is supposed to be fluent…

And why are they always from the USA? Why can’t there be Korean Australians? Or from other countries? And in dramas when someone leaves Korea, why do they always go to the USA? And what about visas???

The reality is that even Koreans that go live in another country for just a few years can have difficulties coming back to Korea. Every time we came back to Korea my husband had some difficulties. Now, because we have been here for 6 months, he has settled back into Korean life but he still has lived the majority of his life here. Even then, having lived in another country for a while, some of his core views have changed and he doesn’t always accept everything in Korean society.

Does this type of thing in dramas frustrate you as well? What sort of story-lines involving Koreans from other countries would you like to see?


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Mr Gwon Time – Countryside Shopping 5

There are lots of markets in the countryside but sometimes we just go to the local supermarket.

English subs will be up later… You can see how basic my Korean is.

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So Many Spiders 19

so many spiders

There are so many spiders right now! Korea is different to Australia because of the seasons. Australia’s climate is mild so I feel like the numbers of spiders don’t dramatically change through the year. In Korea, when it’s summer there is a spider BOOM. There were thousands on the bridge. I’m guessing it’s this mad rush for them now because they all disappear in winter.

What has been interesting is that I have developed more of an aversion to spiders. I’m not scared of them, I’m just annoyed at their numbers. Mr Gwon’s phobia of them has lessoned a lot. He says Korean spiders aren’t as scary as Australian ones. If you are scared of spiders you simply can’t live where we are right now. He has had to just deal with it. Personally I would rather have 1 huge spider in the corner of the room, rather than millions of little spiders EVERYWHERE.

What about you guys?

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Sweaty 7

The comic I had for today was accidentally deleted and gone forever… which is why this comic is so simple and late… I couldn’t bear drawing the other comic all over again.


How to hide the inevitable sweat marks in Korean summer: wear clothing that makes it look like it’s supposed to be there.

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Potatoes! 6


The main crops are strawberries and kiwi fruits, but those aren’t in season right now. These are all vegetables that we grow for ourselves, so most of what we eat is from the farm. Though one time Mr Gwon told me everything on the table was from our farm, but I held up part of an octopus and asked where the octopus plants were… We still need to buy things like meat.

Also, potatoes are really easy to grow. My mother in law always laughs in disdain when on TV there will be people selling and promoting “organic potatoes”. They are always organic because you don’t need to do anything with them here! They just pop out of the ground. Don’t believe anyone trying to sell you organic potatoes at a higher price.

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Eye Brushes 12

Today’s comic is about Daniel and his girlfriend Chloé.

Eye Brushes

I didn’t really have a comic idea today… well I did but they were all about the heat and humidity and I thought people might get a bit sick of me complaining about that. I was chatting to Sophie and Chloé earlier, and Chloé mentioned this incident and suggested I make a comic of this. There are less cute English mistakes made by Hugh these days, but Daniel is still at a stage where he makes some. Chloé said when he said “eye brushes” it made her think of a dust pan and brush on his face… which is creepy! Maybe I need to do a comic later of one of Chloé’s Korean mistakes so Daniel can get even?

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CoC – It’s too hot 4

We filmed this Commenting on Comments outside in the fresh air. The heat is really horrible and fans don’t work well….

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Humidity 26


I’m finding the Korean summer worse than the Australian summer because of the humidity. Also it’s not easy to go swimming here, so there isn’t any really good ways to cool off. There is a lot less air conditioning as well. Especially out in the countryside.

At least the state of my hair has been amusing to Mr Gwon.

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