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Australian Food: Meat Pie 3

It can be hard to name food that is uniquely Australian. Since Australia has British heritage, and is multicultural, we mostly just have a mix of other countries food. The meat pie is something that Australians usually identify with and it’s definitely something I miss while in Korea. There are no big meat pie sections in the supermarkets here in Korea. Australia doesn’t have much street food either, so I think this is the closest we have to street food.

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels is an iconic place and although there are a few locations in Sydney, the original one at Woolloomooloo is the best place to get one. ‘The Tiger’, a meat pie with mashed potato, mushed peas and gravy on top is the big seller there. It was pretty good. I have to say that the best meat pies I’ve had have been from Farmers’ Markets out in the countryside though, where they have been made on someone’s farm. The quality of meat pies in Australia varies a lot. The cheap frozen ones from the supermarket are the lower end of quality, but pie shops also vary a lot. There are some amazing pie shops around, but then also some not so great ones. We had some amazing pies at a place called Hayden’s Pies in Ulladulla, down the coast from Sydney while on our Christmas summer holiday.


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For the Kpop fans:

With these types of vlogs I hope to show international fans the whole experience of Kpop concerts in Korea. There isn’t any lining up from morning as all the floor tickets have a number and people line up according to that number. My ticket number was standing section A 288 and I was about 3rd row in that section. I could see really well, except for when they were on the middle stage. All the fans around me were really lovely and it was no where near as pushy as other concerts I’ve been to in Australia.


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Thankful 1


After that he did start to list things he was thankful for, but made that joke first and said, “You should make that into a comic”. Almost all comic ideas are genuine things that actually happen, but he is the one that prompts me to actually turn them into comics.

Not surprisingly, it was a little bit difficult mood-wise coming back to the middle of the Korean winter after being in the Australian summer. We felt a shift in our moods so we’ve been working hard on being positive and motivated.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Revenge 0

This is part three in this mini story within the Nicholalala webtoon.

Part one and Part two is here.

Nicholalala Revenge


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When our good friend Sara (SeoulSarang) was in Korea a few months back, Hugh challenged her to guess the meanings of these new Korean slang words.

Have you heard any of them before?

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Filters 1


How much do you edit your photos before putting them online? There are many apps in Korea where you can make your face better, like removing acne and smoothing the skin tone, as well as the more extreme of face slimming and eye enhancement. The funny thing is that everyone knows that everyone does it, so it’s not really fooling anyone, but it makes people feel better. I get criticized for not editing my photos enough and lots of friends have pointed out how bad I look in my photos sometimes haha…

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Teaching Korean to Aussie Kids 1

Hugh tried to teach our friends’ twin boys some Korean words… but it doesn’t go well. Maybe next time they will be able to learn more from “Uncle Hoo”.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Scout 1

Nicholalala Webtoon Scout

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Australian Korean BBQ 2

Another quick video in our Australian summer series! You may be wondering how this group of people actually came together. Some of us grew up in the same areas, or went to the same schools, and then only later in life have reconnected because we’ve all married into Korean families. Other people we’ve met through the blog or through Korean classes. Australia is becoming more and more multicultural and as the Korean population grows, the more common multicultural families with Australians and Koreans are becoming. It’s great being friends with other couples and families in similar situations, and with some of us living in Korea and some of us living in Australia, it’s rare that all of us can come together like this.

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Sharing Cookies 3

Sharing Cookies

Some of the first ever comics I did on this blog were about Hugh’s obsession with cookies. I’ve talked about how most Korean homes don’t have ovens so people don’t bake at home. Discovering how good cookies (or biscuits in Aussie English) actually are was a revelation for Hugh. While we are in Australia he has been eating as many as he can. The first day we arrived in Australia he said, “So, who is going to make me cookies?” My brother made him some and I’ve been making them while we are at my parents’ house.

The morning we had to babysit our friend’s kids, I caught him in the act of hiding the cookies in our room. I still gave the twin boys a cookie each and Hugh was horrified when they tried to feed our dog their cookies, and I think one even ended up in the fish pond. A cookie that is, not a twin.

We also have a family recipe for chocolate chip cookies, which I’ve tweaked further for white chocolate chip cookies, that people seem to really like. Hugh loves them most though.

We will both be on diets when we go back to Korea next week.

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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Ocean 1

Nicholalala Ocean


Are you scared of swimming in the ocean? We’ve been doing a lot of it recently.

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Vlog: More Space in Australia 5

A new vlog up on the Nicholalala YouTube channel. We show a day in Australia and talk about the space difference in Australia, especially compared to Korea. There is a lot more private recreation space in Australia. My family has a big backyard, which I miss while in Korea.

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Kpop Concerts – Chat with Chloe 3

This was actually filmed months ago, right after the iKON debut concert.

Chloe and I are a similar age (which is older than the average Kpop fan) but lately have been going to some Kpop concerts. They are so fun and I find I enjoy music a lot more when I’m older and married and just don’t care what people think and I’m not going to cry because I can’t date my “oppa”. In fact, I don’t have any “oppas”! I’m older than all of them…. hahaha…

We’ve mentioned scalpers in another video but there are always so many scalpers in Korea and they manage to buy up a lot of tickets. If you are going to buy tickets from a scalper, Hugh recommends waiting because prices they quote will likely go down the nearer the concert gets.


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Nicholalala Webtoon Episode: Wombat 0

Nicholalala Wombat


Wombats are one of my favourite Australian animals. You’ll have to read the episode to find out the interesting way they deal with intruders in their burrows.

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Sushi Specially Made 0

Another quick video in our Australian Summer series:

There is quite a difference between sushi in Australia and sushi in Korea. In Korea you are often given frozen salmon (not a fan) and although Korea is so close to Japan, it’s harder to get good sushi (at least the type that we like). Sushi in Sydney has a big range of quality, but our friend is head chef at this place and the sushi is good and fresh. It’s also great to have a chef make it exactly how you like it! We have another friend who is Japanese and a top sushi chef in Seoul – but his restaurant is pretty expensive (he has served big stars like G-Dragon before). So great sushi is available in Korea, but a bit out of our price range. It’s a lot easier to eat sushi in Sydney.

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