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Korea Drama Awards 3

Not only is the Jinju Lantern Festival on right now but there is also a Drama Festival. The Korea Drama Awards were also held and we decided to go check it out. We didn’t expect to see anyone but we happened to see the red carpet. We filmed what we could for all you Korean drama fanatics out there. You can also see what it’s like to be in the crowd at a red carpet event like this and how many people there are.

And here is the vlog of the day on our vlogging channel.

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Do Something Interesting 5

Do Something Interesting

Just a quick comic today… about nothing. I always have some comic ideas but when I need something that won’t take long to draw, I do rely on him sporadically doing something that can be easily made into a quick comic. Because his face is still healing from his plastic surgery falling down the stairs, we haven’t gone anywhere or done anything, so not much inspiration.

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Spider in Bathroom 12

Spider in Bathroom

There are just so many spiders here that unless they are jumping on my face, I just ignore them. But I am comforted by the thought that they will all disappear when winter comes.

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Commenting on Comments Alone 4

And today’s vlog:

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Harsh Reality 20

Harsh Reality

Although I’m completely aware that I’m technically an ahjumma because I am a married woman, there is a difference between knowing that and then actually being called an ahjumma. So it was a shock! Sophie and Chloe think the article title was meant as a fun way because I don’t look like an ahjumma but my first thoughts were, “OMG I am so old”.

The image that comes to mind when thinking of the word “ahjumma” is not a look that I am ready for yet…

Also check out yesterday’s vlog where I get very honest. Make sure you subscribe to the vlogging channel because I won’t always post the video here.

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Jinju Lanterns Vlog 0

On the vlogging channel:

One extra video for fun:

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Confident? Ask Korean Guys 1

Hugh and Daniel talk about liking confident and outspoken women. In the end it all depends on the person, as they can’t speak for all Korean guys of course. They also briefly cover that outspoken people in Korea still need to fit in socially, especially as Korea is a hierarchical society.

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Futurama 16


Or “80’s Dance Party Llama” judging from that picture. R and L is the same letter in Korean so it’s not surprising that he made that mistake. It’s just hilarious that he wrote it as two separate words and made it sound like a space-age llama.

Continuing on from the theme of yesterday about TV shows I really like and grew up with but he is less familiar with – he is probably more familiar with Futurama than The Simpsons and has watched a lot of it with me.

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Vlog – Countryside 6

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The Simpsons Quote 10

The Simpsons quote

This is a topic we’ve talked about before – not having similar childhoods. Our childhoods were influenced by different TV shows, movies, trends and books. While Mr Gwon has seen many episodes of the The Simpsons and has heard many of the famous quotes from it, he saw and heard it as an adult, he didn’t absorb it when he was young. He didn’t quote it with his siblings and in the school playground with his friends. The perfect quote doesn’t come to mind in certain situations and he doesn’t pick up on the times when I do it, even if it has been explained to him, because it just wasn’t part of his childhood or teen years. Although not every western person my age watched The Simpsons, they would have been very aware of it and how it affected our generation. For example Sophie wasn’t allowed to watch it as a child but she was aware of the characters and some of the jokes and the influence it had. It is such an iconic TV show, especially the earlier episodes.

The top video that comes up from the scene I was quoting is just someone filming a TV, but look at how many views it has and how many people are reminiscing in the comments.

It’s also a kind of sad reminder that it doesn’t matter how well I can speak Korean later, there will be some things that he says that I just won’t understand because our childhoods were so different.

(Oh and why was I on that gym equipment? I was just laying on it but he pushed the button and made me go upside down… I think you are supposed to do sit-ups or something. I didn’t do that).

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Why Mr Gwon? 5

We talk about why I often refer to him as Mr Gwon.

Also you can see what we did today on our vlogging channel. Make sure you subscribe to get all the updates.

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New Hunger Games 10

New Hunger Games

Okay I had my “man boob” mistake but now it’s his turn with thinking the new Hunger Games movie was called “The Monkey King”. He thought there would be a lot of monkeys in it…

I’m sorry there wasn’t a comic yesterday, I was busy finishing a painting for a commission. I posted it on the social media here.

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CoC – Kimchi Milk 3

Also check out the new video on our new vlogging channel:

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Getting Cold 21


Oh no! It’s time for the 깔깔이 again! Though hopefully not just yet… it’s not too cold at the moment. When this actually happened I said “no longer be sexually attracted to you” but I dropped the word “sexually” so it was more family friendly.

This jacket has been in comics HERE and HERE.

So although he has an aversion to military clothing because finished his national duty may years ago… he still wears this jacket because it is warm and free.

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Win Tickets to EarthyGo Village Festival! 7

We have 2 tickets to give away for the EarthyGo Village Festival! Just leave a comment here to win! We will choose a winner tomorrow. If you win, you can choose if you want a 1 day, 2 day or 3 day pass.

Check out the Facebook page here.

A place where the vibrancy of the present and the simplicity of the past meet: EarthyGo Village Festival.

From September 26 to 28, 2014, the sleepy Fairy Rock Beach in Incheon will come to life as EarthyGo Village. For three days, EarthyGo Village will be remixing Korea’s traditional flavors, colors, and style for today’s contemporary times.



• Why EarthyGo?In Korean, “Eolssi-go” is a traditional way of saying “Oh, yeah!” We want to provide an “Oh, yeah!” awesome time as we harmonize the past and present through a modern reinterpretation of Korean tradition. Let’s say it together! “Eolssi-go, chotah!” Oh yeah, good stuff!

• Why Village? Before modernization, the local village, or maeul, was the epicenter of Korean life – we work, we eat, we party! The village became an extended family full of jeong – Korean care and affection. Nowadays, what with the big city hustle-and-bustle, it’s hard to experience that village feeling. So, for three days we will bring it back to life.

• What is Incheon Fairy Rock Beach? On the coast of the West Sea, near Incheon International Airport, there is a little seaside town famous for its beautiful rocks and beaches. We will turn the little town into a festival venue, dance through night with sand in our toes, fall asleep on the beach, and splash in the water.



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