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Vlog: Romantic Double Date! 0

We had a really nice day today and managed to find some time to have a nice double date with some friends (a couple that matchmaker Hugh put together actually). We drove up into the mountains to this hanok (traditional style Korean house) which is also a cafe. Seriously a scene in a drama needs to be filmed here.

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Ask Korean Guys with Jongdae 2

In this Ask Korean Guys, Hugh sits down with Jongdae who is another YouTuber to talk about high school and how it might be different going to school in Seoul compared to the countryside, and their personal experiences.

The school Hugh is talking about is actually the one near our house and you can see it in the latest vlog:


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Aussies Everywhere 8

Australians everywhere

Australians travel a lot. I know sometimes the government is concerned that there isn’t much domestic tourism because we all go overseas. But we still love Australia… Hugh was just trying to get a reaction out of me.

Yesterday’s vlog!

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Feat. Bobby 6

Feat. Bobby

He knows what the internet is for!

Actually he doesn’t have Tumblr, so he only sees what comes up on my dash and needless to say, I follow blogs with a lot of Kpop gifs.

This is the music video we were watching:

Also, there is a new vlog on the vlogging channel. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to see these videos as soon as they are uploaded.

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The Sink Incident 24

The Sink Incident

So this really happened! Simon and Martina have recently moved to a new apartment and when we came to stay they wanted Hugh to check the ondol heating because it wasn’t working. We ended up getting the apartment guy to have a look and there was a problem. While he had his head under the sink, this gross brown water suddenly started spurting up. But it wasn’t poo! Don’t worry. It was rust water. Apparently the previous owner had never cleaned out this thing. It was pretty bad. The sink was about to overflow and the dishes in the sink were getting covered by rust water and the animals were waiting to get fed. But while all this was happening, Simon was in the living room uploading videos. Now, he could see us, and he could hear us, but he ignored it all! And then finally when we wanted a reaction from him, he was more excited about finding the remote under the sofa cushion. You are no help at all Simon!

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Hugh is now WEARING this jacket in videos now. At least it was kinda clean for this video.

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This is some of what we did in Seoul on the weekend!

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Changing for the Countryside 18

Change for the Countryside (800x800)

Our life is a bit strange now because we can go to Seoul for a weekend and hang out with very cool people and have some amazing experiences and then we come back to the countryside and literally back to a rural village full of old people.

While it’s not like we dress up a lot in Seoul, something as simple as a spiky earring can be worn in Seoul but Mr Gwon is not comfortable wearing it around his friends out in the countryside. Especially friends he grew up with. Right away they make comments on it and tell him it’s stupid. People wear completely different clothes out here and can be more judgmental if it doesn’t fit in with what they think is good. Being a huge city, Seoul is a place where people can really experiment with fashion, but it’s pretty different in other areas of Korea.

The funniest aspect of this is that Mr Gwon’s countryside friends will try to dictate to him what is fashionable at the moment. One friend told him that his haircut is out of fashion now and that is was fashionable 2 years ago. Never mind that many people, including celebrities, have this type of haircut right now or that it’s about what suits the face more than what is considered cool, these friends seem to want to force everyone else to dress like them.

Have you had experiences like this? Have you moved away and when you’ve come back to your hometown people want to criticise what you are wearing and how you look?

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EYK Live Chat, JongDae and Coreanos Vlog 0

We’ve been having a really nice time in Seoul, but I haven’t been able to make any comics while here. We have been vlogging though, so you can check out what we did yesterday!

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Vlog: In Seoul and Best Pets 4

We are really busy in Seoul but still trying to get some vlogs up.

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Ask Us – Zombies and Tractors 0

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Sancheong Festival 0

Adele and I show you around the Sancheong Festival that was a few weeks ago. It was way more fun than we thought it would be!

Also, you can check out yesterday’s vlog on the vlogging channel.

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Pepero Day 7

Pepero Day

No one told me that I didn’t have to eat them ALL on Pepero Day!…..just kidding. I did manage to eat about 4 boxes though…

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CoC- Diet Coke and Kitchen Things 5

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Roller Door 2

Roller Door

Pride comes before a fall…. or a hit on the head from a roller door.

I’ve hit my head on this door several times. Han did it right before we filmed that G-Dragon fashion video as well, you can actually see a bump coming up in some shots.

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