MGT – Bus Travel and Car Accidents 6

While subtitling this we talked about what actually happened to the guy in the car accident. We searched online and couldn’t find out if he ever came out of the coma, but we did find a news article about the “missing Korean tourists”. One of those being my husband! He didn’t know until today that people had searched for him for 7 hours! Even though it was back in 2006, big thank you to those who searched and were concerned.

Two Towels 10

2 towels

Hopefully you have seen this comic and know what my husband was trying to do and why he didn’t bring a towel. This time my brother and I were swimming and I didn’t think my husband was getting in the pool, so I didn’t make sure he had a towel. He joined us later and was still planning on using my towel! Luckily my brother knew what he was trying to do!

Sydney Meet Up 5

We move to Korea soon! But before we go, we are having one last meet up in Sydney. It will be on Monday 13th of January at Hyde park at 5pm. We will meet somewhere near the war memorial. You can bring food and picnic blankets and we’ll have some sort of picnic on the grass.

The other My Korean Husband blog couple, Han and Sophie will be there too. Hope to see some of you there!

Swimming Etiquette 12

Swimming Etiquette

Whenever I tell other Australians this they always say, “Yes that is bad etiquette!”

It’s not fun getting out of the water, being cold, and then finding your towel is wet because it’s been used by someone else. Even if it was your husband… or maybe, especially if it was your husband! These days I usually go back and get his towel so he doesn’t use mine. He has a nice big beach towel to use – we all do – but apparently carrying it to the pool or beach is just too much effort!

Summer Holidays 4

Here is a bit of footage from our summer Christmas holiday. We’ve mentioned before that my husband is not a confident swimmer and a bit scared of the water. Korea doesn’t have a swimming culture like Australia does. However, it was great to see my husband gain confidence in the water while we were there.

Cicadas 11


First he baits me, then he mimics me, then he predicts exactly what I’m going to say. So nice!

When we were on the coast the cicadas were so loud. Deafening in some places.

Do you have cicadas in your country? Have you been to another country and realised they sound different there? Cicadas in Australia make a different sound to the ones in Korea.


I’m sorry that I missed a few days of comics but I’m back on schedule now. Also we have filmed a lot recently so many videos coming soon!

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