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Hoju Olympics

Hoju Olympics

Have you been watching the Olympics? I saw one swimming race that Australia won but besides from that I haven’t seen much. Hugh has been watching more than me.

Do you know the Korean name for your own country?



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Guessing Australian Slang with Megan Bowen

I put Megan Bowen to the test! How much Aussie slang can she guess? I tried to pick some sentences that would actually be used, rather than the old fashioned slang that slang books are filled with, but no one uses anymore.

Megan came all the way from Seoul to visit us in the countryside and we had a great time with her. So many of our Seoul friends say they will visit… but never do… hahaha. We appreciate her coming so far to see us.

We filmed some videos for her channel which will be coming later, and Hugh also tested her on Korean dialect, so that video will be up in the coming weeks.

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What are some things we miss about Australia?

This video is a collab with The Drunken Bear YouTube channel, so check out their video here:

We love collaborating with other couples, especially Aussie/Korean couples. Rachel and Nick will appear in another video coming out soon too!

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Weird things we do in Australia because of Korea

We filmed this last year with Sara (SeoulSarang) and have only just been able to edit it because we have SO many videos to edit. Slowly working through so many videos. This was a really fun chat! I really enjoy hanging out with other Aussies, especially after I haven’t seen any for a while. I think both of our Australian accents became stronger in this video (there are English captions on the video for those that need help understanding the accent).

This was very much just a casual conversation without much preparation, so it’s just our thoughts and feelings at this time. Opinions can change! Don’t take the video too seriously.

What ‘weird’ things have you done in your own country after living in another country?

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Australian Christmas Holiday

Here is a montage of our Christmas holiday. Christmas is in summer in Australia so there can be different traditions to those in the northern hemisphere. My family rents a holiday house in a small coastal town. For Christmas day we also had some Korean friends who work in Sydney come down the coast to join us. At first they were worried that they were invading the privacy of our Christmas but we assured them that Christmas is the time for sharing and every year we always have extra people for Christmas. Hugh absolutely loves Christmas in Australia, especially because Christmas in Korea is pretty much a nonevent and just for couples. We still have some northern hemisphere traditions like a baked ham, Christmas crackers and a Christmas tree, but Australian Christmases can also involve seafood, cherries, water fights and swimming.

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Australian Food: Meat Pie

It can be hard to name food that is uniquely Australian. Since Australia has British heritage, and is multicultural, we mostly just have a mix of other countries food. The meat pie is something that Australians usually identify with and it’s definitely something I miss while in Korea. There are no big meat pie sections in the supermarkets here in Korea. Australia doesn’t have much street food either, so I think this is the closest we have to street food.

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels is an iconic place and although there are a few locations in Sydney, the original one at Woolloomooloo is the best place to get one. ‘The Tiger’, a meat pie with mashed potato, mushed peas and gravy on top is the big seller there. It was pretty good. I have to say that the best meat pies I’ve had have been from Farmers’ Markets out in the countryside though, where they have been made on someone’s farm. The quality of meat pies in Australia varies a lot. The cheap frozen ones from the supermarket are the lower end of quality, but pie shops also vary a lot. There are some amazing pie shops around, but then also some not so great ones. We had some amazing pies at a place called Hayden’s Pies in Ulladulla, down the coast from Sydney while on our Christmas summer holiday.


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Teaching Korean to Aussie Kids

Hugh tried to teach our friends’ twin boys some Korean words… but it doesn’t go well. Maybe next time they will be able to learn more from “Uncle Hoo”.

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