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Taking our dinosaur obsessed toddler to a Dino Expo

When your kid loves dinosaurs so much….

Honestly, I don’t know how Yul ended up this obsessed with dinosaurs. The obsession started before we even introduced him to dinosaurs and before we bought him any. You can watch the video about buying him his first dinosaurs here. But we have no problem with it and are happy to indulge him. I think studies have shown a link between intelligence and dinosaur obsession in kids, and no wonder, as they memorize dinosaur names and scientific facts. It gets their little brains working. Yul is not even 2 years old yet and is already trying to say Triceratops. It comes out something like “too too ta” though haha.

We had already planned to take him to the Goseong Dinosaur Museum, which we have visited before we had Yul. My sister in law suggested the Goseong Dinosaur Expo instead and it ended up being a great idea as there are so many things for kids to do. Although the expo was in 2016, all the big exhibits are still there and it’s open to the public. Even on the weekend there are minimal visitors so it made for a nice day out. There are limited food options with some areas and kiosks not functioning so it’s best to bring a packed lunch. Some of the halls no longer have exhibits but there is still plenty to see and do. Also, it’s on the coast and there are nice areas to walk and see more dinosaur footprints.

We weren’t sure how Yul would handle this big day out, but he loved it so much. When some dinosaurs roared he was a little scared, but only scared enough to stand behind me and hold my hand. For everything else, he was OBSESSED. So much so that he was heart broken when we had to leave. But we will visit again and we still need to take him to the Goseong Dinosur Museum.

We were on a Korean Morning TV show

Filming for Korean Morning TV show

We were on a morning TV show here called Morning Wide. In this video we show you the segment and talk about the experience of filming, when we’d only been back in Korea for a few days. Filming can be pretty difficult and we had to travel as well. But one of the reasons why we wanted to do it was because the audience of this show tends to be older people and we want to show the positives of being multicultural. If we can change someone’s mind who previously had a negative opinion, than it’s worth it.

It also happened to be Seollal, Lunar New Year, so the show tied in with their New Year programming. Hugh’s parents got Yul this very cute hanbok. I’m so grateful they did because in the rush of travelling from Australia to Korea I had not thought about getting him one for Seollal. It was great to see him in this style of one.

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National Museum of Korean Contemporary History (대한민국역사박물관)

National Museum of Korean Contemporary History (대한민국역사박물관)

We recently had a family day out and went to this museum. I hadn’t been before but I was glad that we went. It’s a great overview of Korea’s modern history. Although I was familiar with much of this history, it was interesting to see in a chronological order and to see artefacts from historical events.

Many people get interested in Korea through Kpop and Kdramas and don’t realise Korea’s interesting but sometimes very sad, past. In order to understand Korea now, it’s important to understand what has happened to Korea.

This museum is really easy to get to and the staff were so nice. Even finding Yul’s toy that he lost even though it was closing.

More on this site here.

Busan Trip

Hugh headed down to Busan last Thursday for the Busan International Motor Show, where he was invited as press to the unveiling of the Genesis Essentia concept car. This is a vlog of his time there, as well as parts of the livestream he did at the unveiling and some shots of what else he did in Busan (and of course what he ate!).

The Winter Olympics in Korea

Hugh is competitive in general so I’m so used to saying “It’s not a competition!” that it was out of my mouth before I realised… oh yeah… it is literally a competition!

Also, Happy Lunar New Year!

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What is Korea really like?

New video! Another podcast video where we chat about some topics. These are the easiest videos to edit at the moment and luckily Yul is happy enough to be in our arms quietly while we talk.

What Colour?

What colour

Just Hugh trolling me to make it seem like I was being offensive. Thanks Hugh.

Random fact of the day from Wikipedia: Uzbekistan has an ethnic Korean population that was forcibly relocated to the region by Stalin from the Soviet Far East in 1937–1938. 

Actually the Wikipedia page for Uzbekistan is really interesting. Uzbekistan is Central Asia’s most populous country. The demographic section is fascinating.

I went down the Wikipedia wormhole because I was suddenly curious about Uzbekistan while making this comic.

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