I can’t even remember what I was going to show him… some quote or something.

Tumblr really sucks you in. I avoided it for a while until some fans started suggesting it, so I figured, why not? At first I mostly just followed some art and fashion blogs, but then I started following some BigBang and GD ones, so pretty soon my dashboard was just all photos and gifs of BigBang, and especially GD. Whoops. So when my husband was standing behind me and watching I couldn’t even redeem myself with something more…. mature, the only thing that came up that wasn’t BigBang was a Disney thing…..

My husband has no idea about Tumblr so when he saw me scrolling through my dashboard he was annoyed at the amount of BigBang. BUT, for all his complaints, Bigbang is actually one of his favourite Kpop groups, don’t let his grumpy face fool you.

The My Korean Husband Tumblr has most of the comics from the main blog but sometimes also has some extra drawings or quotes.

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