We talk about what it’s like being in South Korea right now amid these tensions. In general people are continuing their lives as usual.

South Koreans are used to tensions with North Korea but because Trump is involved, people are a bit more worried than usual. Many view him as dangerous as Kim Jong-un. Nobody trusts him to deal with the situation well and he could make it a lot worse. That’s what feels different this time. We think there needs to be a delicate touch with North Korea, in many ways they are very predictable. Trump has neither the experience nor the intelligence or temperament to deal with North Korea. We have been considering what our options are if something does happen, whether we just go back to the countryside or go to Australia for a while. Everyone is hoping the whole things blows over and North Korea isn’t provoked. One of the most worrying things is that Trump has now proved North Korean propaganda to be right. North Korea constantly tells their people that the US wants to attack them, that’s why all money should go into the military and why people end up starving to death. In the long term this is very bad for the people in North Korea, who are victims, because Trump has threatened to attack first. More and more money will go into the military and there will be less food and resources for the average North Korean.

Also important to note that we are neither Democrat or Republican! Because we are not American! Yes, there are other politics in the world. I usually vote for The Greens in Australia and Hugh votes for progressive parties in Korea but is unsure which party he will actually vote for in the upcoming South Korean election. He is meeting with some politicians soon to talk about multicultural families in Korea and will base a lot of his vote on how those meetings go. Anyway, please don’t try and fit us into the very narrow definitions in North American politics. Considering we are now concerned about our lives we are allowed to express our worries and opinions.

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