In this video we talk about finding somewhere to live in Seoul and moving next week! We looked at a bunch of places and the best place ended up being in Hapjeong, which is a really cool place to live. Very hipster now. While Hongdae has the night life and clubs and that more commercialized type of vibe now, Hapjeong has cool cafes and bakeries and small venues for musicians. We are very close to the Han river and in a residential area, as well as being weirdly close to YG, which is interesting considering how much I like and always mention YG artists.

As we said in the video, our deposit seems huge but is actually on the lower end in Korea. You are just expected to put down these huge deposits for places, and in some cases, the bigger deposit you have, the less rent you actually pay. People borrow money from the bank, or parents or save up for these deposits. What we are paying monthly for rent is very cheap compared to Sydney. While Koreans might say our rent is expensive, for us it’s a pretty good price. The place is small, of course, but it’s a good space and we like the layout. You’ll see it in a house tour video later.

We are really excited to move to Seoul! We can’t wait to make videos about all the stuff we are doing in Seoul and the area we’ll be living in. Stay tuned!

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