Living in Sydney is pretty expensive. Australia is quite expensive in comparison to other countries but Sydney is probably the most expensive city. At the moment we live close to my husband’s work and in an area quite pricy but very close to the city area. Rent prices in Sydney are ridiculous so at the moment we share an apartment with another couple. Because of this I can’t do as much cooking as I would like. At my parent’s house I would often spend a lot of the weekend making Korean side dishes and stuff but until we get our own apartment I can’t really do that, so we stick with simple stuff for now. We also know the cheap places in the city to eat. And plan on showing them!

Yesterday we went for a walk to the city because we planned on showing you guys a cheap but good place to get Taiwanese food. We have to cross Darling Harbour to get to where we want to go. From where we live it’s a quick walk and then down a lift to Darling Harbour.

My husband often tries to push lift buttons with his knees.


Okay, walk through Darling Harbour.

The train for tourists behind me. And the damn wind. Ahhh, not a good idea to wear my hair out.

There is usually a carousel at Darling Harbour but I never paid attention to it before because that was before Gangnam Style. Stopped to have a quick dance in front of it. With a random kid.

What’s wrong with my face there?

Anyway, then past the trendy restaurants and lovely outside areas. My husband stops for a rest in the deck chairs.

Okay so, if you are in Sydney and don’t want to spend much money but want a decent meal here is where you can go. Find China Town.

Then find Sussex Centre.

Okay so we are going up to the food court on the top floor! Ew Food Court? Yeah a lot of food courts suck but this one is good. No Macdonalds or other crap, just Asian food.

Inside: What the hell is this? An employee moving a giant stuffed toy from one store to another.

Oh, Big Bang! Yay.

Unfortunately, the Taiwanese place we wanted to show wasn’t open at the time we went there (but of course it’s open every other time we go with no intention of making a blog post!). It’s okay though because we’ll just get other stuff.

My husband was quick to get Chinese seafood soup.

And I got some Japanese curry.

Most meals are $10 or under here and all types of Asian food. Yay. If you are coming into the city for shopping or whatever- no need to waste money on over priced sandwiches or other expensive food.

Hopefully another time we can show you the food we actually wanted to show.

Anyway. That’s what we did yesterday afternoon!


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