Sitting on Floor

This is one of the most difficult things for me when I’m in Korea. There is no sofa in Mr Gwon’s parents’ house. There are about 2 chairs and I’m using one right now while I sit at a desk. Every restaurant we go to in this area are ones where you have to sit on the floor.

I’m just not used to sitting on the floor for long periods of time. Also, I think the way my body is doesn’t help. Mr Gwon is taller than me but my legs are actually longer than his. I also have underlying health problems that cause some pain in my legs, so sitting on the floor is never comfortable for me unfortunately.

It’s not like I never sit on the floor or ground in Australia. Picnics outdoor are fine because they are well…. picnics! But maintaining a respectful position for a long period of time because I am with my in-laws or older Koreans is difficult, and very different from lazing around outside.

I don’t know how much other people have problems with this. Do you get pain from sitting on the floor? Pins and needles? I have trouble getting up as well, that can be a bit painful.

When we move to Korea next year we will definitely need to get a sofa.

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